Should I Chop or wait?

Should I chop or wait? Gorilla glue autos,
14 weeks old, tons of yellow leaves after flush 2 weeks ago, trichomes are all cloudy with some amber.This is my first grow ever so I just need some extra help before chop time. One of my plants have small spots of white powdery mildew on it because I’ve been battling humidity issues so any advice will be greatly appreciated. Just a little nervous because the plant in the back hasn’t filled out like the others

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For the powdery mildew, you can mix a 50/50 of water and peroxide and apply with a spray bottle. It’ll kill and prevent spreading. A bud wash would be recommended after chop.

As far as harvest, I see some just a touch of clear, bit you’re pretty much right in the window. No white hairs really. I would personally chop in 5-7 days probably. That will give time for the clear to develop a little more.

There are several videos on washing your buds after harvest. Look up Jorge Cervantes bud wash on YouTube.

Hope this helps, they look great! Good luck and happy growing!!!


Wash it after chop with h2o2. Videos on YouTube explaining how if you need to watch a few…
But it’s a must if you know you got some mildew.

But sounds like they ready if all cloudy with little bit of amber :grin:

Good looking girls ya raised up there friend :sunglasses:


She’s a lil iffy I would wait 1 more week or few more days I see clear clouds and amber so she still growing and stacking up


First, a question, the trichome pics are from the bud, and not sugar leaves, correct? Want to make sure you look at the trichomes from the bud, not the leaves.

If it were me personally, I would harvest in a week or so, but I don’t like a lot of CBN (ambers).

In reality, when to harvest is a personal preference, and you should look at this photo as a guide.

Clear trichomes look like glass, cloudy trichomes look like plastic, and ambers look amber in color.

Also, the trichomes will continue to develop over time even after harvest. In my personal experiment I observed 5 days of trichome development going from clear to cloudy. Though I did not test further than that.

The other fellas have got you covered on the mildew :+1:

I’m no pro though :man_shrugging:

@Borderryan22 super nervous to do the bud wash but I’m going to give it a try, watched his video on it, seems straight forward, nervous about mold or mildew re-appearing after the wash because my humidity has been super high, any advice?

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You can dry in your tent. You do like a half hour drip dry with fans and plenty air movement after the wash. If you have high humidity inside, you may want to find a dehumidifier. 60°F is what you’re looking for with 60% rh. Don’t want it to go under 50%. But 60/60 is what you are shooting for for drying, with a fan blowing, but not directly on them.

The drip dry do outside or in a tub tho. I was nervous too. But as long as you aren’t real vigorous and just sway them enough that your solution gets all the little bubbles out, it’s fine. Just wait, even being inside you’ll probably have oily spots on the top of the water and little teeny pests you didn’t notice. But make sure you drip dry real good. A little shake doesn’t hurt them. Tsp them while they’re hanging. There’s surprisingly minimal trichome loss.

I would wait a week at least. GG is my main. Been cloning a girl 2 years. They say 8-10 weeks flower…more like 12 for me.


don’t be nervous. here’s the method i use every harvest. you will need two 5 gallon buckets.

first bucket fill with LUKE warm water plus 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide (3% solution, like the like you can get at the grocery store).

second bucket is cold water.

as i harvest i chop the fan leaves then dunk 3-4 branches in the first bucket. swish them around. keep them submerged for 2 mins. then lift out of the
bucket and shake the excess water/peroxide solution. then dunk all the branches into the second bucket for a minute. hang dry to drip.

both buckets end up looking like an oil spill went off.

i think the wash helps bring out the smell.

you will see others who use a third bucket with lemon juice and baking soda, but i have not tried that.

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Nothing to it. Dip them and rinse them. Then hang them to dry.

Spliff seeds has good description of the process and ingredients