Should i chop her down?

Hello ILGM ,

I found these little tiny flowers “not bud” under the nodes. I believe this is or will be a Hermie.?
I checked my other plants in the tent it shows none of this stuff. Should i yank her out?

Your help and advice has always been good for my growing thank you all again! Have a stoney One!


Yep, unless you want seed in your weed. This one is dropping pollen.


Thanks will do. I am hoping none of the other ladies have this . I checked and re-checked and the other ladies don’t show this. This plant “the seeds” came from a previous grow and one of the plants ended up having seeds. The plant was very stoney and the smoke was smooth, however i did find 50 or so seeds in the 3oz yield. So i grew 5 seeds and this is the first one that went hermie. The other seeds are looking really good one is almost ready for harvest. I dont have light leak so i am leaning towards the strain could be the culprit?

Mahalo for all the replies!

This is the reason you see most of us recommend not to germinate seeds that are product of a previous grow. Unless plant was pollinated with male pollen, any seeds produced during a grow would come from hermaphrodite. Seeds that are product of hermaphrodite are likely to grow out to be hermaphrodite, and this is subsequently the result.

If you have other healthy plants growing i would remove this one. It appears at least one of those has already opened too, so slight chance it may have pollinated your other plants.


Got it. The herb still smoked good. Maybe if it was not hermaphrodite it would have been better.

My 3 other plants are gonna be harvested in 5 days. They were in the same grow space , not right next to the hermie . The buds all look great . This plant “the hermaphrodite” was 3 weeks into flowering when i pulled it.
In those 3 weeks do you think it affected the older ladies that have nice full buds?
I am already a bit worried about the plants that are the same age as the hermie. They were all next to the hermie. So far no little flowers i can see. I will keep checking.

So is this tent/crop all done ? Should the whole crop be cut? Or?? Is it possible the pollen may not have gotten on the others?

Thanks for all the help! Have a Stoney Day!

What do you think would be or is worse? Finding a Hermaphrodite in the crop of flowers? Or finding a male in the crop with the females? Or both are the same ?


A male is going to drop more pollen than a female with a few nanners. But at least if pollinated from a male your seeds should be viable and worth attempting to grow. So it depends on the context of your question. Having some seeds isn’t the end of the world, all depends on what you want.

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LOL understood. Big thanks again for taking some time to reply. Have a nice day!

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