Should I change my light schedule for the last two weeks?

I am currently growing a Fruit Punch auto plant and I just flushed her with ice cold water last Friday for her 2 week pre-harvest period. I have been running her on 20/4 light cycle the entire grow and it seems to have done well. But I’m looking for anything that could make my plant produce more trichomes. So I’m wondering if I should give the plant more darkness? Not sure if it will do anything since it is an auto…? Any advice would be great and if you have any other tips for bigger buds/more trichomes in the last two weeks I would love to here it. Thanks!

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Looks like you might have longer than 2 weeks left. You can not always go by breeders time frames

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Haven’t heard of the cold water flush before…how cold and how much water would you use? Have seen several people split the stalk to get more trichs.

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Hard to really see the buds good but judging by the pictures if leave her alone this could be the most crucial time for it the next few weeks

Thanks for the input I’ll get some more pictures of the buds In Normal light today

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I used to get impatient and end up harvesting a little early thinking they were done ! It was always good smoke but deep down inside I knew I should leave them longer, now when i grow even let’s say a 9 week strain may take me 11 or 12 weeks to really finish …I have lots of smoke so to be honest that’s the only thing giving me patience lol…good luck buddy I’ll keep watching

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You look like you still have quite a few white pistils. have you looked at the trichomes for condition with a magnifier? Should be all very milky. You might be a bit early in the flush. Buds will really add weight at the end so patience is required.

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Used to trick the plant into thinking winter is coming so it will produce more bud weight.

I run my autos at 18-6 the entire grow.

And others have been successful using 12/12. The plants do require a rest so 24/0 may not be optimal.

The cold water tricks them into throwing out more trichs to protect themselves from the cold.

I think you might have a few weeks left of fattening up. The last 7-10 days before harvest is when you want to start gaslighting your plant into throwing out more trichs & ripening faster. You can split the stem, give one last good ice flush, let dry out completely for the last 7 days, and put them in complete darkness for 48 hours before harvest.

But, wait til your buds are nearly finished. Those lovely buds of yours will really thicken up over the next few weeks.


I appreciate all the great advice, I decided to let them grow some more and dowsed them with nutes again, I can already see them getting fatter now!image image

Trichomes and a USB microscope are the way to go.

@blackthumbbetty great post.

Does anyone think that he might have actually done good by early cold flush tricking them and then giving them warm feed a bit after… Then wait till its right and do all the other tricks as Betty mentioned.

Ps anyone have a link to the stock splitting method? Haven’t heard that one but when I grew out door we used to take a needle and poke it through the base of the stock a couple times prior to harvest, thinks bugs are attacking it and pumps up the juice

Sounds like poking the stalks would be similar to splitting to me, key is to shock the plant and force more sugar from my understanding. I’m interested to learn more about the poking method since this is the first I’ve heard of it :+1:


So I used everyone’s advice and I just harvested and trimmed it today :+1: I’m very happy with the results.


That is a gorgeous specimen!

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Why thank you! I can’t wait to try it. It actually smells like fruit! I’ve never smelled bud like this before

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Wow… That is. Noice

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