Should i change light cycle

I’m 40 days in to my grow and I’ve been running a 24 hour light cycle, but have been hearing it can cause nutrient lockouts to occur easier and other issues. Is this a problem should I switch to an 18/6 or have y’all had positive experiences with a 24 hour sched?

I ran mine 24 -7 til I flip and was good nicebig green fan :leaves:

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It won’t cause lockout, it’ll just cause electricity waste unless your lights are insufficient. Plants can only process so much light per day and once you push them beyond that is just wasted light/electricity. Plus they benefit greatly from dark periods.


So what kind of light to dark cycle works best 20-4 18-6 just curious

I run 6/2 throughout veg. Plants still get 18 hrs of light everyday but they get 2 hour naps every 6 hours.

The only reason to run 24 or 20 hours a day is because the lighting isn’t sufficient. Plants can only process so much light in a 24hr period and anything beyond that, the plant is doing nothing with. If your lights can hit 700 ppfd at the canopy then 18 hours is all that’s needed. Now come flower you’ll need to be at 800 ppfd to hit the max at 12 hours. It is called daily light integral or DLI.


thanks @BobbyDigital change in light coming up

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Man I went from 24 hr To 12/12 with a 48 hr of no light in between and it kicked in a huge bud grow lifecycle. But I’m going to do 24 the 18/6 then 12/12 on my next grow.

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How long on24b4 the switch

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Usually 2 weeks from seed germination then switch to 18/6.


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