Should I buy a beginner kit or just 5 seeds?

The beginner kit on ILGM is like $160 for 20 WWA seeds, the plant protect stuff, and fertilizer. I’m contemplating either getting that or just getting 5 seeds. I’m only going to have 5 pots so the most I can grow is 5 at a time anyway, but it’s my first grow so I might mess up. I could just use some Miracle Gro fertilizer I already have and I’m going to be using FFOF so they won’t need nutrients for a while anyway. But I’m still torn between getting just 5 seeds for $60 or 20 seeds, fertilizer, and the plant protect for $160. Opinions?

I don’t recommend you use the Miracle Grow fertilizer, it’s not meant for cannabis.


Honestly we shouldn’t sway you either way…it depends what kind of experience you want an if you can afford a 160 dollar f up lol if you got tge funds to throw at it then by all means having more for less is always the best way to go even if you don’t like the outcome…we live an we learn lol as long as you enjoy yourself an are learning all up hill from there✌

An by up hill i meant gets better lol reread it an was lost myself lol


Dirt controversy is why i love dwc lol i know exactly whats in it🤗

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Okay I’ll get the $160 one just to be safe

I went with the beginner pack. I never used the protective stuff. I use ilgm nutes to this day. They are expensive but I get large harvests. Best of luck

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My thought is organic potting soil with nutrients added as needed. I already ordered my 5 seeds and expect delivery today. But it will be quite a while yet before they get started. I like dirt, may eventually be mixing my own soil.

@Sixpackdad How much did you get from your WWA’s?

I agee get rid of that miracle grow rausten is rite its not ment for cannabis

My first purchase was the ww 20 pack with nutrients I don’t regret it but I did learn that my grow space was better served for 2 photos or 3 autos and if you want to try a lot of strains 20 seeds is a lot I ended up growing 2 of the 5 in the bathtub and Ran out of nutes at the end whatever you decide good luck :+1:

I never had a final weight measurement but I grew enough for my wife and I who are heavy smokers enough weed for 10 months. I had 22 qt jars. I estimate about a pound

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Avoid Miracle Grow and prefertilized soil. Total lack of control over nutes.

CRITICAL to have PH n PPM meter. $20 online