Should i be worried

Just noticed yellowing on this leaf is it the start of an issue

Overall it looks ok. However, keep an eye on the small yellow spots and see it they change.
Might be a good idea to back of the nutes just a little until you are sure what is going on.

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Thank you @tanlover442 im due for res change saturday and adjust the nutes thank again

She looks good overall just trying to catch an issue before it becomes critical

Check bottom of leafs, could be spider mites

What ppms are you running at? PH?

@SlowOldGuy is this WPM?

My ppm was 854 but my ph is low should i add ph up to res or should i drain res and just use ph water any advice would b appreciated @Familyman

I would adjust the resivoir

Thank you brother ill get on that now

I’m no hydro expert so consult others if needed to.

Got the ph up to 5.9 now ill wait and see if that was the problem

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5.8 to 6.4 ph in vegg for hydro…
5.5 to 6.0 ph for flower in hydro…

yes it is, stop the issue now and it won’t become a problem.!
looks like hydro pH problems…???
has your pH been dropping quickly.?

No i think my meter needs to be calibrsted did res change saturday and meter read 5.7 noticed the leaves yesterday bought the drops and the ph on drops read 4 so i brought the ph up using the drops and the meter was saying 7

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It is a good practice to have a bottle of lab grade 7 pH solution set aside for periodic checks of meter. I like to have my 4 and 7 solution for calibration separate because they can get contaminated going back and forth. She is off to a good start good luck.

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