Should I be worried about these leaves?

Having some issues with my soil ph, it’s over 7 according to my meter. And I think it may be causing a potassium deficiency in my plants, at least from what I’ve read and by the looks of my leaves. In my 4th week of flower, looking for ways to lower the pH and potentially raise the potassium, but I’ll take whatever advice comes my way. Here’s a pic of some of the leaves. NFSOT.


What is the pH of the solution you are feeding them?

Honestly I’m not sure, kind of learning as I go on this first grow. Planning on ordering pH and TDS meters this weekend. I have well water too, not sure how that may affect it. Using Fox Farm trio and using their recommendations, also added black strap molasses and lemon juice (heard it lowers pH) last feeding.

I have not used the fox farm trio. If your well water is too high or low you could be locking out nutrients.

I am no expert but went through the pH lockout before.

More experienced growers will chime in soon and help you.

I would recommend getting a decent pH meter. I have the Apera 20 and she is still going strong after a year. A cheapo TDS meter has served me well.

Best grows to you!


Looks like nutrient burn u may want to flush With plain water and then start ur nutrients at a lower level and then work ur way up

This is my first grow and I get the basic idea behind flushing but how exactly is it done? I have 5 gallon buckets so how much water would it take for each?

Fox farms is really acidic once you get into the tiger bloom. Not sure if you’re using it yet but if you are your ph is way out of range.

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I did start using the tiger bloom at least a couple of weeks ago. That may explain some things. What nutrient brand would you recommend for my next grow? Fox farm seems to be popular but the more I hear about it and use it the more I’m inclined to try something else.

It works, but you have to stay on top of ph and flushes. I’ve been using jacks 321. It’s cheap, super easy to use and grows amazing plants.


I second this!


I’ve used the FF trio and it’s recommended to flush monthly. Hard to say without run off numbers and PH.