Should I be worried about the white fuzzy stuff on my plants

First time grower. I planted 5 autoseeds blueberry, amnesia haze, and northern lights 3 six days ago and 2 five days later) growing them in doors. I used peat pellets for gemination and they all broke through the peat 2 or 3 days later. I noticed that they looked like they are struggling a little in color and they have white fuzzy stuff on the stem and one at the base as well. Is this mildew should i be worried? I have neem oil and hydrogen peroxide. Should i spray them down? I have them under 24 hour Led lights and a fan constantly blowing. On one of them the leaves are curling down. I do not have them in a tent just in an open room.

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So I never really figured out what that fuzzy stuff really is, but I’ve had it happen a few times, nothing bad ever came from it so you should just leave it be.
That’s just my opinion, I was concerned my first few grows cus I didn’t see that before, but it’s never caused any issues

What I will say tho, I think those plants are way too young for Neem oil, wait at least till there in the veg stage not seedling. They can be burnt by the oil especially under lights so make sure you use it before lights out. No one gave me that heads up

Also those look like theyre stretching which means they need more light

Another peace of advice, don’t make any quick rash decisions like spraying Neem without knowing the side effects it can have on you girls. Same goes for nutrients ph all of it.

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Also those ones are just white hairs… those are normal. The really fuzzy patches I was referring to in the earlier post was formed just where the soil met stem, and we’re really noticeable as thick furry patches… those are just regular hairs on the plants I think

I probably should have stressed they look like there stretching.

Look up cannabis seedling stretching on google and you can read about how to stop it. But it’s gotta be something with them wanting more light

Good luck


Thanks so much some of them are turning kinda greenish yellow on the center leaves should i be concerned about that? I will lower the light right now and see if that helps with the stretching.

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Ok I’m no pro but green like clorophyl is good, yellow Generally isn’t the color you want early on in your leaves tho… so yellow could come up for a bunch of reasons… so ur plants look like there stretching, meaning you can probly rule out any light burn. Cus a touch of light burn can do that in seedlings, so u must be careful ur light is never too close to your plants, you need a good balance between the distance… they have good scales to follow online. U need to base how far the light should be from the plants based off of the true watts of your light (for the most part).

But again I don’t think they would go yellow in the leaves from that cus there stretching meaning they’re trying to fight for more light.

Where exactly is the yellowing and can you get a good picture of that?

Plus are you feeding any nutrients yet? Cus they’re probly too young for that and you can see some leave color change if you burn them with nutrients. The leaves of seedlings tho should be a fairly stable consistent green, no yellow, so yellow in the leaves means an issue that young. I believe but again you gotta give more to go on.

There’s a ton of people on this site tho with a ton of information that can really help you out. So don’t give up, and ask ?s cus people here can definitely help…don’t worry it’s a very rewarding hobby and you’ll definitely get the hang of it soon

Thanks i included pics in the post i think the last pic shows the yellowing on the center leaves. As of the lights i did have 10w bulbs about 8-12 inches away previously and another 300 w bulb hanging over about 3.5 feet now about 2 ft. I will keep looking on the forum for help bit thanks for taking the time to help me. And no nutrients yet just water and light and only added 2 or 3 cap fulls of water over the last 6 days. Here is how i have the lights set up now:

So the pics a little blurry,but ya I guess I didn’t totally look at each individual picture for very long. Lol Cus going back, the color of the leaves looks pretty normal I think. So just worry about stopping that stretch. I really recommend buying a 80-100$ led full spectrum panel if u can afford it. There great starter grow lights that last so long and flower great. Just check the reviews on whatever model ur looking at to see what the people before you have to say about that specific light. After one yield you’ll have broken even on everything you spent.

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Your 300 w should be ok tho if it’s cfl

I actually have a Viparspectra 300w coming tomorrow it seemed highly recommended on the blogs

Seedlings to mid veg. VS300. Ihave fotos in there 20 days old.
One auto plant can be done with VS 300 and reflective walls.

I would say based on ur info and pics that those are only small hairs and will eventually go away. The yellowing in the leaves is probably overwatering at that stage. Seedlings do not need hardly any water i use a spray bottle while sprouting. Any questions about lighting and @dbrn32 can hook u up there. Good luck


Vipar 300 gives you flowering intensity in about a 2’x2’ space. I would second the thought that reflection around plants would be a good idea with small lights like that.

In my experience those pots you used for starting seeds are difficult to work with. Specifically to keep from under or over watering. Looks like you’re doing ok though.


Thanks so much everyone. I will lay off the watering although i have been keeping the temp at 77 and keep an eye out for drying. I adjusted the light to be a little closer last night based on advice from and they seem to have perked up a bit. Thanks Essigba.


Heeeelp? I did something really wrong but not sure what. I set up to new light 300w Viparspectra about 2ft from the plants and had the smaller 10w going as well from the side. Temp between 77-79 i held off on watering went to work and now they look like this:

When i got home the peat was really dry so i added a couple spritzes and put it under just the 10w light about 5" away. Whay should i do? Can i save them or should i start over. I ahave 6" nusery pots with foxfarm happ frog soil should i repot them?

Looks to me like they are stretching for light and simply got too tall and toppled over

I’ve never had that issue but I have read others mention pipe cleaners or the like to try to suppprt them. If you do transplant them bury them a little deeper down and support them.

I grow outdoor so light control is something g out of my realm but I suspect lights need to come down more.

Best of luck!

Thank you.

You are very welcome.

Hope to see some good updates later in the week :+1:t3:

Ok bad news :persevere: three otta the 5 plants died i have two going strong but it looks like white powdery mildew I mixed three teaspoons 3% hydrogen peroxide to 1 gallon of water and sprayed both plants since they are so close together. I have them tented now at about 86 humidty between 55 and 63 with a fan blowing air though on high 24/7. I want to make sure I diluted the peroxide correctly. Does anyone know the right ratio?