Should I be using LED light for seedlings?

I’m using LED 1000watt for my seedlings but I’m worried it’s to much or not enough. How far away should they be from plant and all that. Please help

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I would recommend a 6500k cfl bulb for seedlings. The LED lights can be a bit intense for them in my experience. :v: Switch to the LED when they get a couple nodes on them

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Without knowing it’s a shot in the dark BUT I original started w/ 2 - 1000w blurples. I did a t5 light until 2 weeks then went to my blurples @ 28" - 34" about above my 2 week olds. Just go extra high till ya now ya ain’t burning wm by feeling w yyur :raised_hand:

Yeah I have 1 1000 watt LED in closet sprouting 10 I was using the sun move it from window to window and they did amazing BUT had daughter’s cat eat every single one of them so until they get bigger to move into grow room I’m using closet. I moved some dirt around today and realized they worked there way down a little to far so I moved dirt around and brought little closer to surface and I moved my lights up about 28 inches?

What a pretty kitty you must have been saying! Pics pics pics…OR it never happened (according to some members) …
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It will do okay, but like folks have said, a simple CFL will do the trick for seedlings and you can save yourself some electricity cost. If you use the LED, don’t put it too close. 24 - 30" is as close as I’d put it.

I was beyond mad I’ll post pic of the bite mark in one of the plants I’m trying to save lol

I use my HLG lights from start to finish. Also the lights is at the top if m 80” tent.

The downside from powerful lights for seedling is that probably more electricity being used than necessary, and I found my plants to be really squat. I use a 150W HLG QB for seedling and veg.