Should I be topping or let it grow?

Hi I was wondering if I should be topping right now or if I should wait a little longer. Or if I should be topping at all…I have heard so many different things on it in the past few weeks I don’t know what to believe anymore…
This is my first (real) grow and I would appreciate any advice very much!
These ladies were planted (feminized seeds) on February 20 and they are currently on a 20-4 light cycle.

If you’re looking for bushes with multiple colas due to height restrictions, go ahead and top. They’re far enough along to top. If you’re looking for Christmas trees with a large single cola and smaller secondary colas, let them be. You can also adjust your light schedule. They do benefit from more darkness. They can only process so much light per day.


Might wanna hold off on “girl” D… I’m guessing we got the money shot …you know what scratch that I’ve topped ones way smaller…lol I didn’t say they lived though… Kidding they look great for 4 weeks man… nice :mask::mask::mask::mask:

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Haha I appreciate it!
Yea Girl D is a bit of a special one lol the root ended up coming thru the dirt while the seed sprouted upside down and it took me a few days to realize it, she almost died :man_facepalming:
I’m definitely waiting a little longer on her

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Cool thank you very much! I think I will try it on the biggest one first and watch what happens.
Will it extend the whole process by a lot? With this whole virus thing and everyone losing their mind o kind of want to do a quick of a harvest as possible…

Depends, some plants take it and never even notice. Others can be babies about it. It’s not like it’s going to set you back weeks or anything. Just some might sit there for a couple days pouting about it and then they get over it.


Test subject #1 is cut. Waiting to see what she looks like tomorrow and once I’m sure I didn’t fuck it up I will top the rest of them.
Thanks again for all your advice!!!

Looks like you got it. It could also have been topped here so you don’t have to take as much


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That’s a hard question because you’re tent loooks full If that’s the case I wouldn’t top it also depends on your light and can you control your stretch if I put 2 ww fem in a 2x2 tent with no topping the tent is full I can fill that same tent with one if I top they can easy get to four feet with the stretch hope that helps happy growing

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oh well at least i only cut 1 so far so I’ll be sure to top higher up on the next ones!!!

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Thanks for the advice! My plan was to attempt the ScrOG method and try to somewhat control them that way. You think this will be too small of an area? here is a shot that shows more of the tent area…


If that’s a4x4 you should be good to go might get a little cramped but you want it full :so good luck :+1:

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Stuff that sombich wall to wall…lol

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All of them are topped in multiple locations now, 1 of them I even tried FIMing and they all seem to have taken it like champs, barely any signs of stress (that I can notice)
This is what they are looking like today. Will be topping one more time next week and after that prepare for flowering stage.

I did and holy shit is it kicking my ass now…
No room whatsoever, I have definitely learned more than a few lessons on this grow.
Here is an update on how they’re looking today almost 3 weeks into flowering.

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