Should I be seeing any buds?

A question from a fellow grower:

​Your White Widow at 53 days… Please review these photos and tell me if I should be seeing any buds ??

All I have is 26 inch high plants with big leaves

NO. From what I can make out from those piks, I cannot see the presence of any indication of sex.

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still in veggie 4 months veggie 2 months or more flowering

What are your lights set at?

outdoor what is the day lenth ?and what was it when you planted ? .They look nice n healthy are they auto flower ? .it’ takes a drop in day hours to trigger flowering .

I have SS and NL veggie outdoors until late July I’m 3 to4 weeks flowerings Aug 18.

when i did WW under lights it took ages to start flowering to 5 weeks now i do og kush gold leaf and blue berry and they all show realy quick so i think it’s the strain as mine did the same and i’m no newbie but iv’e never had any take so long to show before But in the end it went realy well and was great smoke ,if you want quicker results try something in the 55 to 65 day flower cycle thats what i did.But outside your controlled by the daylight hours and they won’t flower untill the days drop in lenth by 2 to 3 hours .