Should I be removing any fan leaves to expose lower buds?

Hey, just want some opinions on whether or not to remove any fan leaves to expose more light to lower buds. There are lots of bud sites in the top 1’ of the plant but the lower ones aren’t getting as much light. The plant has just finished the 3rd week of flower. Thanks


I would but I like mine with the bottom half clean because it’s not going to get light anyway. You’ll have to do it a little at a time to avoid stress. Then I would take off about half of the rest of the leaves as well to improve light penitration and airflow. This type defoliation is controversial and is a preference of the grower but I’ll tell you in my experience it improves your end product. Here’s a pic this is from the first week of flower like 2 weeks ago. If you are questioning if you should cut something just leave it there and decide later because you can always cut more later but you can never put em back and again a little bit at a time to avoid stress


I agree with @MeEasy . I like to go through and snip any leaf thats covering any potential budsite

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I think @MeEasy posted a useful picture. It’s hard to compare to your plants because we don’t have the same angle.

Let’s clear up one thing though; flowers don’t participate in photosynthesis. Fan leaves drive photosynthesis. And I would not strip them unless you’re fighting to keep humidity down. Let the plants draw nutrients out of those lower leaves until they’re dead and dry.

The plant and environment can only produce a limited amount of flower. If it matters to you, pruning lower buds will divert that energy into the remaining flower production. You get a feel for it over time if you run the same clones again and again.

Nb: More than a few cultivars are known to produce male flowers on the lower 1/3 of the female plant if you don’t prune away bud sites.

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Thanks for all the info. I was doing some pruning in veg but nothing yet in flower. Some of the very bottom leaves have turned and fallen off already.

@KeystoneCops Here is a better angle like @MeEasy posted.

I’d prune away flowers on the lower 12” of the plant. Like I said, I’d let the leaves stay unless the humidity became an issue, and even then I’d only take a few off at a time to see the effect.