Should I be concerned

Hello all, I am about 7 weeks into the grow of this plant, it is an auto-flowering GSC strain. I currently do the following:

18 hours on, 6 hours off (Temp is around 25-28 degrees C)
Humidity → 50%
Water with Natural Spring Water (1000 mL every other day, the soil seems to be drying up a lot faster now during this stage, before I was water every 3 days, now I feel i have to water every other day or else the soil is just dried up)

I am noticing the bottom leaves are kind of yellowing and droopy. Although the part of the plant where the buds are growing all look pretty healthy in my opinion. I really do not know though as this is my first grow. Any suggestions? Also I don’t really see much bud yet, and I know the cycle of this auto flowering plant is supposed to last 9 weeks, however I just see a lot of the white hairs, but doesnt look like there is anything there yet. Is there anything else I should be doing? Do I need to adjust the light cycle?


Here are the pics:


@Mta36 Looks good to me, I’m not an auto grower and depending on the soil your using you may want to think of some flower nutes at this time so they can pack on the weight. Looking good though should have some decent nugs

Looks good! My last auto was a “8 week” flower strain. It went over 11 weeks. They have a mind of their own.


So 1000 ml is roughly 4 cups. That’s not much liquid for a plant that size.
What size pots are they in???
What media are you using ??


You never mentioned feeding them nutrients. That’s why they’re starting to yellow.
Nitrogen deficiency.
Those leaves won’t turn back.
Some nitrogen deficiency is normal this stage into flowering. So don’t worry too much.


I would water them till you get runoff got several weeks left but it looks great


The leaves in contact with the soil are turning colors because of the contact. You can cut them off, no big deal.
The ones with spots may be from spilling nutes or water droplets.

Doesn’t look too shabby.
What are your pH and tds/ppm numbers?


I learned on my first grow that I was not watering enough to get to the bottom roots. Watering and such should be done until you get runoff through the bottom. This ensures all of the roots are being fed.


I agree with watering to runoff and just removing those couple of leaves touching soil. I think you’re in pretty good shape otherwise.