Should I be concerned?


I’ve found these white things all over two plants. They look like eggs of some sort. Also two other plants have these brown leaves.


Hope these are outside and yes you might be (SOL) you need to start an aggressive spray regimen ASAP…


Yikes that looks like thripes to me. I’m not an expert so wait for a few more opinions to hop in. How far along are they? If they aren’t too far along I would get rid of them and start over. If you are in a tent I would say clean everything inside that tent with bleach solution, EVERYTHING!! Right down to the cords and fan blades.


To clarify, only pitch the infected ones and quarantine the rest.


I would say so, yuck!


So the plants infected aren’t salvageable?


I can tell you this, if I had an infestation of thripes that bad those plants would be gone. I wouldn’t even waste my time with it. However, you need to separate an quarantine for sure. If you are gonna try and save them doing it that way but they are going to need a heavy treatment. I wouldn’t bring any new plants in there either if it was me. You may want to consider a treatment for the remaining plants as well as a preventative measure.


How did it get this bad? Is this in a tent? Room? Outdoors?


Neem oil may be able to get them in control, but that’s a pretty heavy infestation. There are beneficial insects you could use as a preventative, possibly to help control the population now. Three is some good information here:


Only have four plants and moved them into a greenhouse tent to avoid prying eyes. I was away for a few days with a friend watering the plants and when I came back, I noticed the clusters of what look like eggs and a large number of black flying bugs in the tent. The other two pants seem untouched but I’m monitoring them as well. I’m a total newbie to not only these plants but any gardening at all.


Sounds like gnats. Can you post some pics?


If you have eggs above the soil I don’t think it’s knats. They lay there hatchlings in your median not on the leaves.


The pics are at the beginning of the post


My apologies, I missed the pics. And good info! :+1:


I’ve washed all the regs off the leaves with soapy water and sprayed the affected plants with a suggested pesticide.

The plants are looking better but still have browned leaves

On another note; these plants are White Widow and Gold Leaf. What height do they normally grow to?
I planted the seeds on 6/4/18. That’s four months. The plants are only a foot tall. I expected them to be much higher than this by now (and quite frankly, me too!!)
They are an outdoor grow but for the last few months I moved them inside a greenhouse tent. The tent is still in full sun.

(I moved the two infested ones outside to treat them.)
Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated.
Edit; this is one of the better looking plants.