Should i be concerned? Possible pollen sacs on autoflower?

The 2nd unknown Autoflower i have here

Its all going very nice and smelling very sweet. 4th-5th week of flower. Didn’t notice til now these little possible pollen sacs right on the nodes where the budding starts and not sure if i should be removing them. Hard to get a clear shot but i got several from a few different colas

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There could have also been a small light leak in that corner of the tent at one point, but it wouldn’t have been too much, accidentally left the bottom vent screen open overnight a week or 2 ago

@ShaggySparx. Those appear to be swollen calyxes. :+1:
Can’t really see anything that says it’s gone Hermie. :wink::v:


No hermi that I see: swollen bud calyx like @Oldguy said.


I can’t identify that as pollen sack either

I would have to concur with all of the above :v:

Thanks guys. Learn something new everyday. I’ve heard of the calyx of course but didn’t know what nor where it was lol

The calyx is the bud. Just a bunch of them all stacked on top of each other.