Should i be concerned, or is the normal

First time outdoor Virginia grower, i noticed this today

Its a little blurry but it kinda looks like bud rot. Take a few more pics and wait for someone more experienced with fungus and pests to help out

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Definitely bud rot.
It needs to be sprayed with 3% peroxide 50/50 mixed with water and removed.

It will first show as a yellowed leaf as the mold starts on the inside of the bud.
Any way to increase air flow ? Move plants inside for wet weather ? Temporary covering if you can’t put them inside.
Just a few options to consider.

A thorough inspection of your plants daily can help gain you a bit more time but mold spreads quickly. And most folks end up harvesting sooner than they’d like.
Good luck :pray:



Just my luck, they’re 7’ tall and I think I’m still weeks from harvest.
Early harvest = much lower THC, right?


How bad is it ? How many sites are effected ?
And the other answer depends on the trichomes
Earlier sometimes just means a more speedy head high

I would do as already instructed
Spray it with H202
Then get a ziploc and cover it when you cut it
Wrap your hand around it and immediately seal it up

Happened to me a couple times
Have been able to keep the plant alive and just deal with the rot where it is
I always make sure to cut enough away in each direction
Haven’t had another issue ypu can save the plant amd let it grow
Will just take some work and patience


I’ve noticed only two spots,


Just really search as best you can …don’t be afraid to handle the buds and spread them apart with a loupe that has a good light …

I do that almost 5 times a day on every bud site

You don’t know you have it until it reaches the outside of the buds
So I go looking for it lol

Any recent cuts or pruning is what you’ll want to focus. That’s where the grey mold (bud rot) enters your plant. It’s omnipresent in the atmosphere and germinates at 55°-65°F with 90%+ humidity. Current nights.

Never knew that last bit of info …

I mean the pruning wounds I knew but didn’t realize when I pruned …
I have since gone and removed any thing I didn’t get right up against the stem and think I’m safe …that’s exactly how I got it

What about a fungicide ?

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Pretty sure it’s a mold not fungus.

Not sure really

Mold falls under the plant kingdom of Fungi

Ie mold is a fungus

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Thanks for the correction. Makes sense, mo!d spores😉
Guess I was thinking bacteria and fungus.

The the consensus is cut and dispose the bud rot and no fungicide?

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Yes mold is fungus. But they are not in the “plant kindom”. Fungi is its own kingdom. Mold/fungus are not plants. Just wanted to point that out. There are 5 (main) biological kingdoms


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So true! So sorry!
Should have written… mold falls under the kingdom of fungi !

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Okay guys one last verification of bud rot before I chop her down,
1st grow and so close to the finish

Those shots don’t look all that bad.
You will have to dig around a little inside the bud to see if the interior is brown. Brown sugar leaves on an otherwise green bud is often the first sign of infection.

I found two small sugar leaves that were brown on an otherwise green bud. Upon closer inspection, the bud was infected and had to go.

Remember that spores are easily spread to the rest of the plant. Slip a ziploc bag over the infected bud, then cut it off. Seal the bag and leave it in direct sunlight for a while before throwing it in the trash. Wash your hands and scissors well.

And since bud rot starts in the stem, cut off the infected stem as far down as possible.

I chose to harvest after doing all that. The trichomes were cloudy, and the weather forecast was not promising. The plant produced excellent, mold-free buds.

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