Should I be concerned? Indoor auto issues

I have six plants started in dwc. 4 look good but these two are worrying me a bit. One is discolored and the other has some spots. Should I let it run a while? I don’t know why only these two would have an issue.

I have 3 strains going and both of these are g13 autos.


let them continue…but, check your ph and ppm levels. match to the ones growing good. some seeds never grow well. but looks like a minor issue to me. a foliar feed might be a good thing.

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The spots have now spread to the two bigger leaves that are also curled down.

Ph is 5.86 and ec is 1.1. Adjusted for tap water would put it around .75.

Also using jacks 321, a little armor si, and some southern ad family friendly fungicide or something lime that (hydroguard alternative)

Southern ag garden friendly fungicide