Should I be concerned here?

Just starting out 4th week flower on this gg4. I can’t figure out if the plant is still having a deficiency or if it’s the old leaves. The plant burns super easy too . Looks like a potassium deficiency but gets nutrient burn at 1200 ppm . Can someone help me out ? Thanks everyone!

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1200 PPM shouldn’t burn a plant. Are you using a microbe product? How about your runoff pH?


I used Great white once. I’ll have to check my runoff ppm . I’ve only been checking the ph of my runoff.

Great White isn’t a microbe product. It is a mycorrhizal fungi and won’t effect nutrient uptake the way that microbes can.

Oh gotcha. So then no microbial products. Would you suggest I use some ?

Not while you are having problems. Microbe products can dramatically increase nutrient uptake and cause nute burn. After she is healthy again? Sure.

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Soil or coco
pH going in?
pH of runoff?
Has runoff PPM or PH changed much in past month?