Should I be concerned? Almost near harvesting

I’ve noticed,some of the pics are of the big ones about another 2-3 weeks for the big ones? Lower ones are crazy white.


I think one more week for top halfway, 2-4 for bottom?

Are you using a loupe to see the trichome ripeness?

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No, haven’t got around to that. Just going Off if white hairs. As you can see a few to a lot can be seen in the pictures. I think a week and a half I’m just gonna harvest to top half. Or should I wait a bit longer?

No dont do that! The hairs have very little to do with ripeness! In fact very often they are all shrivelled and red or brown when the bud is ripe. You need to look at the stalked trichomes and wait for 20 or so percent to be amber colored.

This is the best photo I have, Im at work! But these small hair like thingsbhave a small blob on the top, the majority should be cloudy and 20 or so percent should be amber colored. A loupe really helps, they are cheap too.
Thats off a leaf too and you should be checking the bud material

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