Should I adjust something?

I’m in the 4th week of flowering with my grow and I’m seeing a little burning on the tips of a few leaves. Should I be concerned and adjust something or is this natural?



It’s nitrogen toxicity. Back off the nitrogen and measure your PPM to ensure that you are feeding properly.


Agree with @Mr_Wormwood, you can tell by how dark green the leaves are.


Whoops. It was @MidwestGuy, I was agreeing with. Sorry guys, got stoned early. :wink:


Haha. I’m going to fire up the pipe myself in an hour or 2.


Agree with above, but I have yet to grow a plant that didn’t have a little tip burn. Looks like you are set up for a great harvest though. Good luck!


Agree with all, minor burnt tips from the seedling stage is to be expected but at they’re stage plus the dark waxy leaves are the give away :love_you_gesture:

U want to give ur plant a natural boost for flowering give ur plant banana skin and cucumber skin tea with a little bit of fish crap in it

What are you hiding beneath the surface leaves? All good? Old growth just hasn’t cleared out?

If not and your seeing more and more of those leaves go from burnt tips to full out death let people know, if not keep rocking

Burnt tips never worried me, painted nails. Now just make sure you’ve got some flower nutes dialed in and your money

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Waxy leaves?

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Yes they’ll have a dark green waxy look as in a clear wax shine like appearance :love_you_gesture:

I’m having a problem understanding how to treat my plant before I lose it. I’ve been using nutrients sold thru this site and I have not varied from the schedule or added more nutrients than recommended when mixing with water. I’m also using water from a RO filtering system. I did cut back the amount of nutrients by about 25% for the last week but the problem seems to be getting worse. Should I just water without any fertilizer to flush my plant?

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They may be over-fed. The dark green leaves sort of look like Nitrogen toxicity.

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So how do I correct it?

That waxy look may be from the flash on my camera. May be I said. Normally w/o the flash the leaves don’t look waxy. I would think I should be more concerned about the leaves turning yellow and dying.

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Older leaves turning yellow and dying is to be expected. Looks like a lot of undergrowth anyway. Might need a little trim.

I keep on hearing that but no solutions.

Sorry, but I’m just guessing based on the dark green I see. As for the yellowing, I’d cut them off, they certainly aren’t helping the plant, and at best are diverting resources. As for the cause, it could be overwatering, if you don’t think it’s a nutrient issue. Are you allowing the soil to dry between watering/feedings?

Yes! I use a moisture meter and water accordingly. I’ve even have let the leaves get a little droopy to insure not over watering. I am growing in a plastic pot which will be the last time for that. Next grow will be in a fabric grow pot.

It may then just be that those leaves are finished. Take them off, and keep an eye on her. For what it’s worth, I found my moisture meter (one of the two long probe type meters) to be so useless that I tossed it, and now go by the weight of the planter only.