Should i add Perlite to fox farm ocean forest potting soil?

Im intrigued here. Never heard of them before now

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He posted something about internet issues. Maybe later.

I take it on good word from my favorite local shop that they use the Strawberry fields more for vegetables and fruiting plants because it makes the fruits sweeter and more flavorful. Not sure if that applies to your green friends, but also claimed it was not as hot as the FFOF.

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Someone around here used it… either Scub (@Lostscuba) or @LoCoRock’s guy… what was dude with the Recons?

He said it flowered better.

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I use root farm hydroponics soil best I’ve used so far that stuff is expensive bro you ordered off amazon???

Blains Fatm n Fleet has it pretty cheap

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I’m from Canada cost 22 bucks a bag of coco you guys only pay 10 probably :pensive:

$26 a bag locally… cheaper to order n pay shipping

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Why was I flagged what did I share that was personal

:man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5: I see no flag homie. I tagged u to the post cuza the fields

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26 dollar us is around 50$ Canadian almost 50 cents on the dollar

Miracle grow works until big pot transplant in my limited experience.

Greetings and thank you for your time,
I did something similar, however it was you with this info and i did some research and am in my second grow and very satisfied with my pots.
The first run was to let them tell me if they need fed. I started my 7 gallon pots with lava rock covering the bottom then I weight my soils starting on the bottom with Strawberry Fields 3 quarts, then I put a quart container in the center, and fill around it weight in approx 7 quart of Ocean forest. I pull out the center container and back fill with happy Frog so I put my seed in it so not up potting. I did this same this time but I used 5 gallon pots. Thanks for your input.
We shall see.
Take care brother.