Should I add more plants? 4 recirculating buckets-1 plant growing

I have one plant going in a 4 plant recirculating system. Plant is about 25 days. Should I add more to my tent even though at different stages? Can I add a different strain. I have more blueberry muffin seeds which is what I’m growing now. I tried doing 4 plants, but 3 died. My buddy suggested I add more. Now I’m thinking about it and want some feedback. Thanks!


Sure you can. as long as u have sufficient light for more.


And raise the others with crates or whatever you have to keep them at the same height :+1:

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What size space are you working with ? Different strains is not a problem.

I have a 4x4 tent with 4 bucket dwc recirculating system. I was afraid w/ feeding and timeline would mess something up. I’m brand new at this. My 4th attempt at a grow and this is the first one to get past seedling stage

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If photos then sure no problem.
But i just discovered with 3 auto flowers on the same reservoir, one of them is starting to flower, one has just barely shown sex and one hasn’t even shown sex yet.
So basically i need a reservoir fir each plant it would appear :man_facepalming:

If this is the case probably best to stay with the one. Learn what you can and then reset.


@JoGro 4 plants is a good number for a 4 x 4 space. I also use a 4 x4 space run 4 plants works out very nice. I know you can squeeze more in but they will be fighting for space. Good luck with your new grow.


Thanks. I was hesitant to add at this point. Maybe if I wasn’t so far in. I will learn from this one plant and get busy the next grow with a full tent. Thanks everyone for your input. Sometimes you need others’ opinions.
Happy growing!


Are the plants autoflowers or photo periods?

If it’s photo periods then growing more then one increases your odds of success and increases the rate of knowledge your exposed to… so if your growing photo periods then I say go for it :+1: the more the merrier…

Just know that when you flip to flower they would be different sizes but no big deal…

But if you are growing autoflowers then my only concern would be that you would have plants in different stages on the same reservoir and typically, it’s different nutrient mixtures for different stages.
But it could be done, I probably wouldn’t try to push them with high ppms and just go with it :man_shrugging:

Good thing about having 4 plants is that you have 4 chances of harvesting 1.
With 1 plant you have 1 chance, thats pretty easy math to me :grin:

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Let me make sure my buzz’d up brain understands. :crazy_face::joy:. If it’s a photo, ok to add because it will “drink” the same amounts of nutes, but may be different sizes or smaller cause I’m starting them later. If auto and at different stages, it needs different amounts of nutes. Is that the bottom line? What if it’s a different photo strain? Won’t that possibly need a different amount of nutes? Wouldn’t nutes burn my seedling if I decide to start more plants while this one is 27 days in? Thanks a bunch for responding! Btw I have a dwc recirculating system

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Its not necessary so much a different amount really but more of plants in flower need a slightly different ratio of npk. A veg nutrient mix fir plants in veg and bloom nutes for plants in flower.

With photo periods, you control when they flower so no matter the age or size due to time started, they would at least all be in the same stage at the same time.

With auto flowers, they flower on their on when they want to and they are not very profitable at all.
You could have plants in different stages.