Should I add any bloom additives

A question of a fellow grower:

Here is what i have going on with my growing. I am into my 5th grow indoors in a 4x4x6 grow tent with led lighting. 2 lights are 600w and 2 are 450w for 4 plants. My first 2 grows turned out ok, the 3rd one I killed my plants because I over fertilized and the 4th grow I killed my plants by over watering. My soil consist of 20% bat Guano 9-3-1, 10% shrimp meal 6-6-0,10% perlite, 50% potting soil with a blend of crab meal,shrimp meal, earthworm casting and peat moss, 10% composted dairy cow manure. I water my plants with distilled water wit a ph of 6-7. My recent grow are 4 clones I got 8 wks ago,after 1 week of them growing in solo cups i transplanted them into 3 gal soft sided containers. 4 weeks later i transplanted them into 5 gal soft sided containers, and after 8 weeks of veg status I have put them into bloom status which is now into 15 days. I water them about every 5th day with 1 qt of distilled water. The question I have is since they are in bloom status should I add any bloom additives such as overdrive 1-5-4 or bloom additive 1-4-5.

I reckon you probably could have enough nutrient in there to just water maybe??? I’m only beginning here both counts like that dirt is loaded.

Just use regular water with neutral pH (6.5)
you don’t need to overfeeed them in the first stage of the flower.
1-5-4 is way to much. just start with lower npk like 1-1-2 (in the first 2-3 weeks) BC between week 3 and week 5 your plants needs more potasium and very important…phosphorus.
Before week 4, you can flush you plants with destilled water and dry out for a few days. make sure a lot of oxygen goes to the roots. And now you can feed with higher npk 1-2-2. Between week 5 and 7 your plants need more food. Try with unsulfured molasses (1 tsp per gallon). Bloom bosster like seabird guano or liquid bone meal are fine.

I think you are killing them with kindness on that soil mix: Sounds awfully hot to me. Maybe you should just get some potting soil without time release nutrients and one of the commercial fertilizers. Then follow the fertilizer company’s schedule.

I use pure coco coir and DynaGro, and water everyday with pHed nute solution to waste. That means my watering and nute levels are always perfect. Several less variables to screw up.