Should fan be used on seedling?

I have been reading conflicting answer. Just wondering what you all may do.

Yes but very lightly. The reason being is that it strengthens the stalk through its life so it can hold up all those big kolas that you’re going to have.
Like I said as a Seedling very very lightly.

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That is what I have been reading. The other thing is that it says it slows down growth. I image the fan would have to be blowing pretty good on the seedling to slow down the growth.

You are right this is a good topic a fan makes your babies stronger but also pulls away RH drying them out if too fast it appears to slow growth but really what is happening is your plant much like a tree is securing it’s foundation to brace for wind, so rooting deeper and wider. The common mistake is too much speed since it will pull moisture away faster than roots can provide it and dehydrate there only needs to be enough that leaves hardly move this lets fresh co2 rich air circulate it shouldn’t be a constant breeze but much like wind intermittent and varied angles


I bounced my fan air off a tent wall above the seedlings to get that slight shake. Just air turbulence at that age is good. Doesn’t need to be pointed right at them to get the effect you want.


I aim mine up they both cool light and bounce air around space bringing warm moist air back to lower area’s in my space keeps the babies happy :slight_smile:

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My lights move a little from the air. Poor man’s light mover :smiley:


Thanks for reminding me I need to shorten my light movers track not using it but was on my chore list to adjust it incase I decided to


That’s why I’m here!

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