Should be a good harvest this year


this plant has started outgrowing the 5x5 scrog net i set up for it and its only mid july :smiley:



Cant beat an outdoor scrog!


That is INSANE! 5x5 one plant another good month vegging? Yup solid harvest coming. What region u in?


That’s BAD ASS man :muscle:


Maine northeast corner of america


Ah short days a coming eh?


coming. but we generally dont see the first signs of budding till the second week of august even on strains climatized to this area


Nice job @oldpro


its critical mass :smiley:


That’s interesting. Last year I grew Super Silver Haze outdoors and I was flowering by August 4th at the latest (I have a photo from that date with flowers… not sure how much sooner it was flowering as I didn’t take notes). We are farther south than you, about 38.3 degrees north. I would guess we’d flower later. Possibly just the strain. I’ve got 4 other strains going this year (plus an auto) so it’ll be interesting to see when they start. Two weeks or so things should start to get fun.

Nice grow, btw.


when a plant knows to flower is %100 in the genetics. its entirely possable for u to have a plant flower before one of mine even though u are further south. i was just stating that on average based on plants climatized to here


Right. I was just asking to get a ballpark on ur daylight hours. Either way happy days are in your NEAR future