Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel


@dbrn32 How will I know this is, or is not an auto?


I would assume it’s what you ordered. If you leave on veg light schedule and she starts spitting a ton of pistils than safe to say it may be an auto


They were non ilgm seeds that were supposed to be feminized seeds.

It definitely looks like pistils are everywhere.


Not from your pictures it doesn’t. It looks like a few at flower sites.


My auto starting showing pistils at about 4 weeks old. I’m going with photo but that is my unexperienced opinion LOL😁


@spyonyou I have limited experience but was sent autos instead of photos. I also had seeds from another supplier that were photos. My photos look like your plants and my autos well…don’t. I just posted some pictures this morning I’ll tag you so you can take a look.


Yeah I had just read that about your mixed up seeds the other day which lead me to believe they might be auto. Clueless at this point. I did notice a lot of pistils, long pistils at that while I was trimming yesterday which I though was odd… or not?? Again clueless! :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:


As Rob said, just reaching sexual maturity.


I’m with Rob. They look like photos.


Hey @Myfriendis410 I appreciate every bodies input.

OK, so now that we have established they are photos… Yeah!

Another question: I fed twice last week and was able to get the PPM’s back up and it seemed the deficiencies had calmed down and were not showing any new signs of deficiencies on the new growth. But after I watered yesterday, this morning they look like sh**. More deficiency signs.

Sun. 1-20-19 Feed both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 881
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 459, PH Out: 5.5
(Precious) PPM Out: 355, PH Out: 5.7

Wed. 1-23-19 Fed both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 840
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 884, PH Out: 5.4
(Precious) PPM Out: 693, PH Out: 5.6

Sat. 1-26-19 Watered both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 639
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 365, PH Out: 5.5
(Precious) PPM Out: 442, PH Out: 5.6

Let me know if I need to take some better pictures. Thanks y’all! :sunglasses:


Are those full strength feedings?


I don’t think so. Same schedule I did last grow. I use the GH grow schedule.


I adjust the feedings to get to my target range which is around 800-900.


I think we just figured it out to be about 3/4 strength according to the GH series bottle.


That is exactly where I want to be in media.


Looking any better Spy?


@PurpNGold74 Time will tell. New growth is turning patchy dark green and light green with the tips flat out yellow. I adjusted the power on the light down from 3/4 power to 1/2 power, positioned both fans differently so they were blowing a little less on the plants.

I think the fans were having a big part in my troubles (blowing to much on the plants maybe?). Numbers are good, meters are calibrated, everything is spot on, just trying a few things to optimize the environment. Also going to hit the with some Epson salt next feeding.

Appreciate you you thinking about me! :sunglasses:


Always brudda. And are u absolutely certain the meters aint wonky? I see cal def i think but wtf do i know


I can assure one thing, a heck of a lot more than I do. :joy::joy: And yes on the meters. Even tried backup and reads the same. They’re still growing, so what am to do? We just keep on keepin on!! :sunglasses:


Ur the 9 oz grower. I think so far im around 5 or 6 :joy::joy: considering we started around the same time. U get the nod off yield and that SWEET ass scrog u naild lasttime

@Nicky over here