Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel


They don’t look all that different. Nothing more than you would typically expect from one seed to another anyway. Just keep tucking and plants should stay level, one will just take up little more of the screen than other.


Thanks @dbrn32! That’s kinda what I’m thinking. That may be all I can do?


Well, I’m not sure you would want to do anything else anyway.


Out of likes but thy look good.


Looking good :slightly_smiling_face: Still way too early to think about flipping. Keep plugging away, fillin that screen up (75-80%).


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1-20-19 Weekly update.
58 days from dropping in water.
5th. week in veg.
I had to update again because I have issues this morning on both plants. I forgot to post yesterdays reading which was a water day. I notice the PPM’s coming out are dropping lower & lower each time I water or feed.
I’m wondering if my ppm’s going in are too low?
My night time temps may be getting down into the low 60’s maybe even upper 50’s.
That will be solved tonight!
Day time temps and humidity are 75ish & RH: 55%.

Wed. 1-2-19 Water both 1.5 gal. (First water to runoff)
PPM in: 75
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 846, PH Out: 5.8
(Precious) PPM Out: 726, PH Out: 5.6

Tues. 1-8-19 Feed both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 619
PH in: 5.6
(Lily) PPM Out: 794, PH Out: 5.6
(Precious) PPM Out: 798, PH Out: 5.6

Sat. 1-12-19 Water both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 68
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 485, PH Out: 6.0
(Precious) PPM Out: 372, PH Out: 5.8

Wed. 1-16-19 Feed both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 639
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 769, PH Out: 5.6
(Precious) PPM Out: 619, PH Out: 5.6

Sat. 1-20-19 Watered both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 66
PH in: 5.6
(Lily) PPM Out: 300, PH Out: 5.6
(Precious) PPM Out: 360, PH Out: 5.7

Should I flush and re feed at the end of the flush?
HEEEEEELLLPPP! (please)…lol :joy::joy: Thanks!


They are deficient. I’d up the nutes a little and see how they respond :v::bear:


Do you see a problem with my ppm’s coming out steadily dropping every time I feed and water? Is that telling me that my ppm’s going in are too low, along with the leaves turning light colors?


That’s what I would say. You’re tracking a dropping nutrient and level and your plants are looking hungry. One verifies the other.


Thanks db! I appreciate the conformation. I’m trying to learn here. :+1:


They look hungry to me too. I try to target my feedings around 900 ppm in veg.

Remember you have additional control in that you can do other than feed/water feed/water. You can feed feed feed/water or whatever combo the plants like. Just sayin’.


Thanks myfriend! I appreciate the input. Going to hit them with about 800-900 nutes today.


Hey @Myfriendis410 will the leaves turn back green again?


If they haven’t gone too far, they should.


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Just a little grow porn…lol



Tuck, tuck, and re-tuck is the name of this game for right now…haha! :joy:


Very nice scrogging. They look beautiful.


Thanks @raustin. I had a little trouble last week by starving them. but I think they’re starting to regain their strength.


They don’t look like they’ve been starved. Lol. They’re nice and green.


Looking good still.


Thanks! I had some deficiency problems last week because the PPM’s were too low but I’ve been able to get them back up were they should be… I hope. Let the recovery begin…lol