Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel


Dang. That sucks. I think i saw ilgm has canadian customs issues also.


The ck delivers out of the us think. I can get it in 3-4 days.


I’d start bumping it up until you get to your target. Watch for signs of trouble but I think you are fine.


Great looking girls spy :+1:
If one is still heavy when you go to water don’t water that one. The plants make their own schedule so they don’t need to be on the same one.
Cut that leaf off and she’ll be perfect! No worries there :v:


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Just a weekly up-date.
After our near catastrophic event, so I thought…haha :joy::joy:, the girls seem to be doing great. The leaves that were in question started turning an ugly brown, so for the sake of making her glamour shots, they both had leaf cuts… :joy: (ya know hair cuts)… Ooooh never mine! :roll_eyes:

I was only able to feed Lily yesterday but had to discipline them both because they were trying to escape the tent by growing up to quick…lol That’s right, I had to :chains: strap them babies down!! :chains: :muscle:

Lily’s runoff:
PPM In: 618
PPM Out: 655
PH In: 5.8
PH Out: 5.7

Precious (on the right), is still too wet to feed so she has to dry out a little.

Thanks again everybody!


Looking great Spy! :v::bear:


Yup looking good! Gotta put da paws on em er now and again. U can tell u had freedom with My Precious. She looks Tortured


50 days from dropping in water.
Week 5 of veg. Monday will be the start of week 6

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What do you think is going on with my girls?
Both of them have these leaves at about the same height that appears to have some kind of deficiencies.
It’s on about two pair of leaves on each plant.

On another note, I think it’s about time to get my screen on? Thought we would put the screen on right at the tops of the plants. and flip the lights in about a week or two? Any thoughts??


Looks like some slight nute burn. You could put your screen on now and start tucking if you wanted. Then flip once your screen is 70% full :v:


I think Mattybear is correct. Anytime I see stuff like that I just take a look at runoff ph and ppm to verify. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If you want a screen you should definitely put it on. But train to it and flip when its roughly 2/3 to 3/4 full like he said.


It’s some sort of stress, perhaps temperature or nutrient related?

I think they’re looking pretty good overall, nice work.


I’m gonna stick my nose in and recommend one screen per plant. You will add to your difficulties if both plants are in the same screen.

Personally I would be around 90% of filling my screen before flipping but I ramp down from 16/8 to 12/12 over a week or so to reduce stretch.


You left us grandmother’s out. A matter of fact, great-grandmother, thank you.


For 2 plants under one screen- I use 2 different color zip ties to identify the branches of each strain. I only use them on the branches down the center line. This makes it easier to differentiate where the 2 plants meet up and sometimes cross when it comes time to chop. I put them on backwards so the zip tie will expand as the branches grow.


Fixed it :joy::sweat_smile::wink:


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OK, so I had a vision, a pair of scissors, and some good smoke… Yeah I know be very afraid… :scream: At least that’s what I told Lily & Precious… hahaha!

What a difference 24hrs. make.

Yesterday 1-16-19

Today 24 hrs. later. 1-17-19

Yesterday 1-16-19

Today 24 hrs later. 1-17-19



I hope you don’t regret having them both on the same screen…


Some super explosive growth in 24 hours! :+1::v:


If they weren’t the same strain, I think it might be a problem. I’m going to try what @Budbrother said and use two different color tie straps. Thanks for the recommendation though.


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1-19-19 Weekly update.
57 days from dropping in water.
5th. week in veg.
I think i need some help.
Lily is steamy and her nodes are spacey, while Precious is bushy and her nodes are tight. Both Sour Diesel.

Wed. 1-2-19 Water both 1.5 gal. (First water to runoff)
PPM in: 75
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 846, PH Out: 5.8
(Precious) PPM Out: 726, PH Out: 5.6

Tues. 1-8-19 Feed both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 619
PH in: 5.6
(Lily) PPM Out: 794, PH Out: 5.6
(Precious) PPM Out: 798, PH Out: 5.6

Sat. 1-12-19 Water both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 68
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 485, PH Out: 6.0
(Precious) PPM Out: 372, PH Out: 5.8

Wed. 1-16-19 Feed both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 639
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 769, PH Out: 5.6
(Precious) PPM Out: 619, PH Out: 5.6

Soon getting to my help question… :grinning::grinning:
First some last week and this week pic,s





OK, now for my request for help.
What can I do with Precious? Her nodes are so close and she is growing like a tree. I filmed both plants early on but I think I missed… lol :rofl::rofl:

Here is Lily’s supper crop today 1-19-19:

And then we have Precious…

The way I have Lily spread out, Precious is getting taller and I don’t know what to do with her. Nodes seem to tight to do any cropping.
Can I top her??
I think I’ll be about ready to flip/ transition in about two weeks??
Any thoughts?