Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel


I really like your set up. Nice clean and easy! I may have to incorporate some of those ideas.


Nice looking plants you’ve got there, great job!


Color me impressed


Thanks @Bubblehead, For the size tent this’ll probably work out just great for us. I got the idea from @Budbrother. There are a ton of different ways and just about all of them work out great. Good luck. :sunglasses:


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I thought I noticed something in the picture above this morning. After further review, can you tell me what’s going on with Precious’ leaves.

And the top of Precious has some white tips.

I’m thinking a mini flush is in order possibly??
Could all this be a lockout? Or low PPM’s


I also notice that precious is not drinking near as much. Feeding the same amount, which I know one can drink more than another but, she is seriously water logged. My thought is she’s locked up for some reason, and that’s what I would like to know why if I can. Thanks.


Everything looks good. She probably got her leaf wet, and then it got burned by the light. Mine did the same thing.
I think this because it’s on one leaves as opposed to the entire leaf. @spyonyou


I think it could be time to get some runoff numbers and runoff ph. Then we can diagnose if it’s a lockout or what not :v:


Am about to do a runoff now. Thanks.


@MattyBear @Budbrother @Covertgrower
This is just Precious, I’ll have to do Lily in a little bit.

Sunday 12-23, Feed 32 oz.
1/8 tsp Micro
1/8 tsp grow
1/8 tsp bloom
1/4 tsp Cal mag
PPM in: 414
PH in: 5.5

Wednesday 12-26, Water 32 oz.
PPM in: 86
PH in: 5.6

Saturday 12-29, Feed 32 oz.
1/8 tsp Micro
1/8 tsp grow
1/8 tsp bloom
1/4 tsp Cal mag
PPM in: 471
PH in: 5.8

Tuesday 1-1 Water 32 oz.
PPM in: 79
PH in: 5.5

Wednesday 1-2, Water to runoff
1.5 gal. water in
6 cups water out.
PPM in: 75
PPM out: 726
PH in: 5.7
PH out: 5.6


Thanks for the runoff numbers and the complete details listed. I agree that it’s probably not something to worry about as @Covertgrower said, it’s only partially on the one leaf.


Not anything that jumps out with those numbers… maybe getting slightly hungry is all :v:


So are you thinking I need to feed a little higher PPM’s?? Is it normal for the PPM’s to come out so high?
Yesterday when I fed them both the same amount as always, you could tell the pot was a lot heavier before I fed than the other. She is also not growing as tall as Lily.

Watering/Feeding on Lily has been the same amount except for the runoff was same going in, PH and PPM wise
PPM out: 846
PH out: 5.8


It’s tough to say only having the last feeding ppm out numbers to see if they are going down at all… it’s nothing to be overly concerned about yet IMO either. Next watering, post some numbers in/out again and we can see where you’re at then :v:


Yup. They look fine Spy. Wait til they flower. Ur gonna need a bigger filter/fan… :joy::joy:


Dude! My TAP water has a higher TDS than this lol. I’m running 800 to 900 ppm with 250 of that provided by the input water. Overall your girls look great, but your runoff is lower than my input.


Man I tell you what, the smell is sweet as all get out!! :sunglasses:


Who was the breeder? If u remember


Wow! Thanks @Myfriendis410. Our tap water is usually about 65 a 70 ppm. at the faucet.

So at about 40 days old, 2 weeks into veg, is that a low ppm?


It’s the ck in Canada. Takes me too long to get from here :rage:!