Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel


Lisa on the left and “”MY PRECIOUS”” on the right.


Spot on! They look good :star_struck:


All numbers look good.


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Its was insanity. She has a new one already :joy::joy::joy:


Link me into it…lol


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Merry Christmas, and whatever else you might be celebrating…lol :partying_face::partying_face:
Hope ever body gets to enjoy the holiday.


30 days since dropping in water.
Second feeding with nutes since they were born… Keeping fingers crossed.
414 PPM in
5.5 PH in

I raised the light a little yesterday to 22" and lowered the power a little to get a little stretch out of them.
I did a little pruning this week along with trying to FIM. I guess time will tell.

Temp: 73 F day / 65 F night
RH: 55% day / 50% night.

First is Lily:

And finally… “MY PRECIOUSSS”:

And just some other glamour shots.

Any suggestions, please feel free to share. Thanks! :sunglasses:


Moving right along. Looking good thumb


Very nice!!!


I hope mine resemble something like that someday, with all the great help I’ve been receiving I believe they will.


You’re looking marvelous! And Merry Christmas to you and your family also :wink:


Moving along nicely @spyonyou


Merry Christmas to you too @spyonyou! Ladies look great :+1::v:


They look happy and healthy! Merry Christmas!


Lookin great @spyonyou fam
Merry Christmas!


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How do I know if I’m not feeding enough nutes?


I would recommend following manufacturers schedule, then adjusting if necessary based on conditions of plants. If you keep ph in order, plants will usually show they’re being over feed by some burning at tips. If they’re not getting enough, will show deficiencies in whatever they’re missing. Again, that’s assuming ph is correct. More times than not a ph issue is to blame.


Thanks @dbrn32 I appreciate the reply. PH, i am most confident it’s within range. I calibrate every time. I do try to let it fluctuate between 5.5 and 5.9. I haven’t done a runoff yet because I’ve only fed twice. (4 gal soft pots)
I water about 32 oz./ plant. They seem to be drying out pretty good before I water or feed again. Right now I’m on a water/feed schedule with calmag every time I feed.


What is your medium? I believe there are multiple ways to be successful. But from a passing information along standpoint it’s difficult to do a predetermined amount on a predetermined schedule. If you’re dealing with a mature plant, easiest way in my opinion is to water/feed until you get a little bit runoff. Then to not water/feed again until you can verify medium has dried out a little.

It’s definitely subjective and open to some interpretation. But if you follow that model it leaves good margin for error without having much effect on plants. Something like coco in a fabric pot will dry out a lot faster than soil in a plastic pot. Having a ton of perlite will help soil dry out a little faster too. All you really want to do is hit a window where plant is getting what it needs without over watering/feeding. For small developing plants in tray or solo cup, giving that predetermined amount works a lot better.


Answers depend on your type of grow