Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel


Thanks @GreenThunder! Please always feel free to throw in your input! Is that where your runoff is (6.0)? :sunglasses:


One final observation/question then I’ll just troll…:sunglasses: Am I correct in thinking that your “plant” pH is likely sitting in the 5.1-5.3 range as your out is roughly 5.4 after adding a more alkaline solution for the flush solution? I am assuming the added water would raise the pH of the flush solution a bit.


According to what I’ve learned, as the pot tends to get root bound, the PH value tends to drop. I ran into this on my last grow but it was a 6 month grow in a 5 gal pot with one plant.
I think I’m lacking the knowledge of knowing when to start raising the PH, to get the PH out or root zone out and ppm’s out. That’s why I’m hooked on these folks knowledge.


I am bottom feeding so no runoff :sunglasses:


I’d start slowly raising the ph when you flip to flower


Man i really feel bad for you ph ussue guys man my ive not had one yet my tapworks perfect with my nutes no defeciencieys and i use gh floranova and i here ppms of 1800+so they might be a lil hungry on top of low ph i use 6.5mls per gal which is almost double what lavble calls for im sure im around 1200 to 1500 ppms i dont have any td ppm or even a ph meter it just works lol


Looking good! :yum:


@spyonyou that the pic I put up to help the other guy who is learning to hydro grow it’s header is what’s happening here lol on dave68 thread lol also if you want I have a soil version of the hydro grow that Robert has on forms I can copy past it here if u need me to will give you good idea of where you should be around with ppm ph room temps let me know and I’ll look it up it’s a week by week grow Journal let me know if u want it


I have already seen it and it’s very interesting. I didn’t finish it all but I do read his thread from time to time. I do appreciate it though. I’m gona conker :muscle: this coco first!! Then maybe after several grows and I feel comfortable to venture out, I’ll try a smaller version of what your doing. Thanks again for all your help! :sunglasses:


@MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 If I flush when I’m ready to flip the lights,
(4 gal pot, 12 gal of water)

If the PH is say coming out at first is 5.0, and I flush with PH water of 6.5, will the PH coming out raise higher during or by the end of the flush??


Yes it should and you can stop flushing once your ph is in the range you want :v:


I agree, unless you’re you’re flushing to strip nutrient charge. Then stop when ph and ppm are at a reasonable level. Thats a pretty good idea of how much water to have already though.


@MattyBear @dbrn32 OK, so I had to feed today. I decided to make an expensive decision today but I’m hoping for the best.

I fed 9 gal of nutes with cal mag. today to try and get the PH up. This is the results.

First feed and runoff.
PPM in: 992
PH in: 6.1
(Lily) PPM Out: 995, PH Out: 5.3
(Precious) PPM Out: 704, PH Out: 5.4

The last runoff after 9 gal of nutes/calmag
PPM in: 925
PH in: 6.5
(Lily) PPM Out: 895, PH Out: 5.0
(Precious) PPM Out: 853, PH Out: 4.9

Seems like the more I ran through her the lower the PH got. You think the 4 gal soft pot is having a big play in my PH issues, (not big enough)??


You’re adjusting ph of solution after adding nutes right?

Personally, i would’ve ran straight ph’d water then went back with feed after if pots were stripped.


Yes it was PH’ed

I just wanted to make sure not to upset the balance of my nutes too much but also try to get my PH up which it did not…:rage:.


That’s good, just making sure you didn’t ph water and then add nutes


No NO. I always nute first then PH… Thanks.


Are you running anything like Florakleen? Because that can be helpful to remove excess salts in your media.

How about a round of pictures? Ain’t it about time?


@Myfriendis410 Haha yeah! Yeah I agree! It’s always time for pictures. Last week when I did a complete flush I did run flora kleen through them but again same scenario. After 12 gal of water, the flush ph came out at 5.0.

Pictures don’t do them justice.


Dude! Other than more Cal Mag I’d say you’re good. They look pretty happy.

@Not2SureYet and I saw issues with 5 gallon pots in late late flower producing low runoff PH. We both attributed it to the plant running out of room (pot bound) and organic material was dying and acidifying in the pot. Plus there is such a huge exchange of salts when the root ball and canopy are so large you can have issues.