Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel


@dbrn32 how would you recommend me doing my lights this weekend? I’m at 22”, and half power with my QB light right now. I’m planning on flipping to 12/12 over the next week?

I guess what I’m asking is how would you change the light, height from the plant, and the power?? Thanks!


Gradually increase power and decrease height. Shoot for something like full power at 16" or give or take. Just watch that plants will take it ok.


What I’ve been doing is gradually increase intensity a week before flower and then increase every few days a little bit until you’re at full power. Just watch your leaves and they’ll let you know if they like the light or it’s too much :v::bear:


Yea i just lowered mine now im im full flower and strexh is finished… time to bake them buds :slight_smile: raise that par level and ppfd


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2-10-19 Update: Help please.
So I thought I had things under control. This problem has become a pain in the hind part!!
Calcium / Magnesium / maybe zinc problems???

I know this is going to be kind of long but I felt I need to post as much as possible to help…Sorry!

Support ticket:

32" x 32" x 63" Tent
QB lights 24" from top of plant, half power.
Temps day: 76-80F, Temps night: 65-73F
RH day: 50-55%, RH night: 50-55
Two 4 gal soft pots with coco/perlite (75/25) growing 2 Sour Diesel

Watering / runoff:

Wed. 1-23-19 Feed w/nute & calmag both 1.5 gal…
PPM in: 840
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 884, PH Out: 5.4
(Precious) PPM Out: 693, PH Out: 5.6

Sat. 1-26-19 Watered both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 639
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 365, PH Out: 5.5
(Precious) PPM Out: 442, PH Out: 5.6

Tue., 1-29-19 Feed w/nute & calmag both 1.5 gal.
PPM in: 818
PH in: 5.6
(Lily) PPM Out: 739, PH Out: 5.4
(Precious) PPM Out: 538, PH Out: 5.5

Looked like mag def. I watered about 1/2 gal each 4 hours later with Epson salt (1 tsp./gal.)

Fri, 2-1-19 Watered w/ Epson salt 1.5 gal each (3 gal water with 3 tsp. Epson salt)
PPM in: 620
PH in: 5.6
(Lily) PPM Out: 816, PH Out: 5.4
(Precious) PPM Out: 678, PH Out: 5.4

Sun, 2-3-19 Flushed both plants with 12 gal. of water.
(First Runoff)
PPM in: 894
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 1006, PH Out: 5.4
(Precious) PPM Out: 866, PH Out: 5.5

(I flushed till the PPM’s were coming out around 169 both plants.)

(Last runoff) Watered with 3 gals of nutes/calmag
PPM in: 830
PH in: 5.7
(Lily) PPM Out: 410, PH Out: 5.4
(Precious) PPM Out: 405, PH Out: 5.4

**Wed, 2-6-19 Watered w/ Epson salt 1.5 gal each)
PPM in: 620
PH in: 5.6
(Lily) PPM Out: 816, PH Out: 5.4
(Precious) PPM Out: 678, PH Out: 5.4

Fri, 2-8-19 Feed w/nute & calmag both 1.5 gal
PPM in: 943
PH in: 6.0
(Lily) PPM Out: 1170, PH Out: 5.4
(Precious) PPM Out: 801, PH Out: 5.4

So I though it was getting better by Thursday this past week so we decided to transition to flower,
BUT!, I wake up this morning and it’s back.

Nodes are extremely tight and new growth coming out seems to be yellow.
Could it just be too root bound, stress?
Any help or ideas would be highly appreciated.


Looks like a nitrogen Deficiency could be root bound but I’m leaning to nitrogen you did switch nuits yet don’t switch to flower nuits till week 3 of flower they are still growing a ton till week 3


Not giving them much time in between doing and then trying something else. It takes time to show any changes in the new growth.

  • That new growth looks fine to me.


You’re also tiptoeing bottom edge of ph, probably wouldn’t hurt to bring that up a little.


@BigDaddyCain, I thought nitrogen effects the bottom leaves not new growth?? If it’s nitrogen, what can I do about it other than add more nutes? Thanks for the tip on the nutes. I hate I changed over to transition but I thought I had it clearing up.

@Budbrother It has slowed way down since I started having this problem about 4 weeks ago. The new growth was coming out green there for a couple of days last week but now new growth is yellow again and the leaves are loosing their color.

@dbrn32 I even bought a new PH meter this morning that should be here by Tue. or Wed. just to make sure. That will make my third one. I’m getting the Apera Instruments AI209 PH20 I have two of the cheap $15. meters.


Rob saying to get your pH 5.5-5.8 range


At this stage they really wanna eat to get through the stretch. What brand of nutrients are you using again?


@Budbrother Are you and @dbrn32 talking about PH coming out?

@MattyBear I’m using GH micro, grow, and bloom & cal magic. Right now I’m a little better than 3/4 strength. What do you think about the PPM’s coming out higher and higher. I figured it’s because they are not eating.


As a noob here and trying to learn - what are your pH and PPM targets at this stage?
My observation is that nothing has changed much. So - what you are doing isn’t hurting or helping. My thought is if the plants are NOT consuming the nutes your ppm should be rising and they’re not. Doesn’t that mean the girls are feasting on it? However, they still look deficient in something so wouldn’t that mean they could handle more? Again, just trolling and trying to learn.



Im saying its low lol. Your putting in at 5.6 and coming out 5.4. Try putting in at like 5.8-6.0. And see if you don’t come out like 5.7-5.8.


@spyonyou @garrigan65 posted this chart on another thread. The left side is for hydroponic and the right side is for soil. According to the chart if your pH is that low your plants could have problems absorbing some nutrients believed to be your deficiency.



Hey @Verndoc welcome to my world…lol This is only my second grow. I go for about 800-900 PPM’s and a PH range from 5.5 - 5.8 ish sometimes 6.0

If they were eating, my runoff would be (lower or about the same coming out) than it is going in. My runoff is steadily going up on feed runoff and actually on my water runoff as well. So that also tells me they’re not eating… I think!
@MattyBear @Myfriendis410 or @Budbrother can probably explain better than I can as I myself am learning.

Edit: I think to sum it all up, I need to bring my root zone up to more of a 5.5 to 5.8 region. someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Great chart, thanks. I’ve seen it before but it got lost in my cyber world…lol :joy::joy:


FYI: a deficiency can look like an excess in coco and vice versa.

I would bump the TDS up to 900 to 1,000 ppm and PH in at around 6.0. Definitely stick with veg nutes for a couple more weeks.

The problem with taking data of our solution is it’s dependent on a device that actually measures electrical conductivity and not actually measuring solids in the solution. There are salts being exchanged I’d bet are not conductive. As an example I can put a cup of sugar in R/O water and it won’t change the meter’s reading. So data, taken as a trend, is very valuable but as one stand alone data set it’s of limited utility. Your numbers can jump around quite a bit.

It’s better to not change too many things at once (the shotgun approach) if possible.

Your plants don’t look bad but I see your issue.


Thanks @Myfriendis410 When this all started, the growth was unbelievable from day to day and I thought they were getting hungrier. It quickly progressed and has been a pain every since. I think I ran into a @Budbrother problem with my PH meter in the fact that my batteries were slowly dying and I think it might have played a factor in this. I have a new meter that will be here by Tue. I’m getting the Apera PH20
Thanks again! :sunglasses:


I’ll toss in my vote for higher pH. I’ve been using 6.0 and it seems to be working well.