Shorter Grow This time.... (I hope!) 2 Sour Diesel

Hey that’s awesome! Congrats on your anniversary if you’ve already had it and if not… then there ya go… lol :joy::joy:

I ended up with 9oz., 20g., and 131g of shake?

My girls are thick and bushy just the way @PurpNGold74 likes em! :joy::joy::joy:

I do have a question, why is it best to wait to start my bloom feeding till the third week after flip??@MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @BigDaddyCain


That is an excellent first grow, beats mine I imagine.

During the first couple of weeks after you flip, the plants are in transition and need the growth nutrients (nitrogen being key I believe) to support the growth as the plant prepares to make flowers. Some people refer to this as the “flowering stretch”.


What @merlin44 said!

Nice to have that job done I’m sure.


Can’t tell if I am late or what LOL. @Myfriendis410 is right but I was in 3 gallon pots. I now use 5s. And this thread just helped me out too. As a reminder. I have a plant that just started showing these issues again. And it is one I put in another 3 gallon pot because I thought it was going to be small. I am in coco as well. One thing I have found for my self is. The farther I get into flower. The more cal mag I have to use. From what I have noticed. it seems to be the opposite of soil growers. I normally start the grow with 1/4 tsp per gallon. By the time I am in mid flower. I am at 1 tsp per gallon. I have one auto about ready to come out of my tent friday. I am finding using straight RO water. I can rinse out about 150 ppm per day. So a week flush and I am good to go. This goes for both autos and photos in my tent. If I use much less. I start to see deficiencys. I also found for me. My run off ph numbers stay hight from start to finish. In the 7 - 7.2 range. I don’t worry about that now as it doesn’t seem to effect my plants. I start at 5.8 - 6
Sorry for the extra long post.
Your plants look great though. You are doing a great job :+1:


@spyonyou The reason you wait till week 3 to switch nuits is during the first 3 weeks of flower the plants are still growing a lot and need the nitrogen when you start seeing flowers is when they need more Phosphorus and potassium over the nitrogen buts that’s the reason


Hey @Not2SureYet Where were you 4 or 5 weeks ago when this started happening? shezzz! :joy::joy:
BTW, welcome to my world!! Your never too late!
I’m not going to say anything because I don’t want to jinks it… BUT, I think I,m back on track… shhhh!!
I watered yesterday morning with a PH of 7.7 (1/2 gal.) and then another gal of 6.5. Runoff actually for the first time in a while came out a little higher.
Last night before lights out, they were looking so much greener. Thanks for the compliment.

Thanks again @BigDaddyCain


I had been slacking on this side? lol I will be following your grow now.
This may give you an idea of what I feed. I run 1/4 strength except for the first 3 weeks of pre flower. I run at 1/2 then. For me. Less seems to benefit me more than heavy feeding. None of mine have ever liked it much.
I made this for me to go by.


Hey @Not2SureYet what is your PH going in and what is it coming out?

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I will get back to this in about an hour and with an explanation.

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Ok, sorry about that. I had to look back in my notes. I just realized the other day that my ph meter was way off. It was reading 3.1 higher than it should. So when I thought I had 5.8 going in. It was more like 10 which made my run off closer to 11.2 Now that I re calibrated it. I have 5.8 in and about 3.5 out. It will take me about week to get both readings more stabilized.

Going back to my last grow which I am sure was good. I didn’t have to use a ton of ph down. I would go in at 5.8 - 6 and run off would be around 6.2 - 6.6

One thing to know. Different brands of coco will net different results. I am using natures premium coco right now. my readings were a lot different when I used viagrow. Both are good mediums. I like the natures a little better. And if you are using coco and want to try this. You will not find coco any where cheaper than here. I went to the manufactures site when amazon kept messing up my order. i found I could get 2 11 lb blocks for less than what amazon sells one for. I buy these 4 at a time. Cost was 35 and that includes shipping :grin: Hmmm I just realized I am on the free side. I am not sure if I am allowed to post links to other sites besides amazon. I better check and see. @Covertgrower, would you know if I can by chance


Amazon, dealzer, and aliexpress are all accepted links. @Not2SureYet screenshots of anything else needed.


Thanks @Covertgrower What if the screen shot shows the web address. I am guessing that would be a no as well?

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@Not2SureYet all good with the web address. It’s just not clickable… :grin:


Thanks. I guess I had been away longer than I realized. here is where I get my coco from and it doesn’t show the web address. it is easy to find with this info though


So I woke up yesterday morning still struggling with my yellow plants. I had to water yesterday. My PH runoff on Sunday after feeding was 6.1 on one plant and 5.8 on the other. Sounds ok right? (Or at least workable.) So yesterday the PH runoff dropped to 5.8 & 5.6 The plants new growth is still yellow and seem to be getting worse.

After research, along with what we already know, I was fully convinced PH has been the culprit somehow, even though the values (in) and (out) were better… I know, I know, (told you so! told you so!!) :stuck_out_tongue: :joy::joy:

I thought I was going to be able to run a little water through them and then get the PH coming out adjusted. NOT!

Here is what I learned. All of this is my fault simply because I am still new to this growing thing, dang, for that matter, any growing thing… :joy:

This may not apply to everybody and may not be every bodies experience, but I feel sure it will be one more step to being more consistent with our grows.

  1. Rinse your coco before using it. I did not know that… live and learn, die and forget it all… lol Neither did I do it on my first grow nor my second grow. Lesson learned. (Could have been big part of the problem)

  2. Flushing, flushes PPMs out way quicker than the PH out.

  3. After the first initial 3 gal/per plant of treated water (nutes & PH’ed water), because I didn’t want to loose my PPM values, the PH continued to drop. (Lilt): 5.4 and (Precious): 5.2

  4. I decided to do a complete flush, I flushed with GH FloraKleen 1 tsp./gal. I ran 5 more gal. on each plant with 6.4 PH’ed water. PPMs dropped down to 70ish and my PH dropped to 5.0 on (Lily) & 4.9 on (Precious) even though I was going in at 6.4

  5. So the initial runoff of 5.8 & 5.6 was not actually the PH of my root ball.

  6. I continued to flush.The root ball was holding on to the low PH which I didn’t know it would do. I thought the first 8 gal or so would get it straightened out. (again, NOT!)

  7. I continued to flush another 8 gal of PH 6.4 water to each plant. The PH runoff slowly started rising, finally to 5.8. Keep in mine, this is a half gal at a time, checking after each half gal. I ended my flush by running 3 more gal of nutes and 6.2 of PH water through to get the PPMs back up as well as tweaking the PH closer to 5.8.

I know I could have saved a lot of time had I known the proper way to flush and am still not sure I did it the right way but it seemed to have worked. Plants still look like crap this morning but after all, I got through and zipped up the tent last night 2 min after the lights went out.

On another note, about a two weeks ago I noticed the temps were falling down in the low 50’s and RH was around 90% at night. Problem solved!

I can keep that area and room about 70*F all day and night and the RH coming out of the dehumidifier keeps my tent at night right at 40- 45%. All and all, It was a good day!..:joy:

Thanks for all the info @Not2SureYet Also, do you use RO water?
We’ll see how it goes over the next week.

2-19-19 Update:
Day 88 since dropping in water, Day 11 since starting my flip.


Pictures don’t look as bad as they do up close and live. But hey! We’re growing…lol :sunglasses:


They look really good considering IMO :+1::v::bear:

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@MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @Budbrother @GreenThunder @Covertgrower @SilentHippie @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @Not2SureYet

OK, so I think due to my situation with my PH issues, I started my flip later than I wanted to. Do you have any suggestions as to what to due with these plants? I guess the way they have grown so much, they’ve gotten out of hand.

Is this going to hurt the buds or anything like that? Maybe just let them grow? I have about one week left in the stretch. I’m at about 16.5" from the light. I have about another 3" I can raise the lights. Will they get much taller? They have already grown 4" since I flipped the light (30 min a night till I reached 12/12.)

Also, tomorrow will be two weeks since flip. Am I close enough to change to flowering stage (nute wise)?

I thought I would try something this grow. I use the GH trio. I also bought the GH Kool Bloom. Do I use that in conjunction with my Flora Bloom? Thanks!


I would just follow the gh schedule unless something specifically needs different attention. If you’re worried about height, drop your light some now and the increase in intensity should help combat them wanting to stretch a little. once you’re satisfied they are done, you can raise light back up should you wish.


Thanks @dbrn32 I just measured, they are 10" above the screen. I have right at 6 inches to raise the lights. The plants are 16.5" from the light.

db what is the min. distance I could run the lights you think?


Be careful of the bloom nutes as they can actually stall a plant out. Best to follow the feeding schedule but at no more than 3/4 strength.

If you are running QB’s you should be able to get closer. I had my strips down to around 6" above the canopy in late flower. I did have one plant (GSC-X) that didn’t like the intensity but everything else ate it up.