Short Stack Gelato 41

Hello y’all, this is my second grow, a Gelato 41 seed I found in some really good dispensary bud. The way she was grown is a little unorthodox, but she’s looking really mighty for a small plant. She was grown under 18/6 for about 2-3 weeks and switched to 12/12 with more mature plants. She started preflower about 3 weeks later, and now at about 8 weeks here we are. She looks very pretty, but she’s still very small. How much longer do y’all say she has? She looks like she’s getting cloudy but I can’t say for sure tbh


Looking nice and frosty! If you are at 8 weeks you should be getting close.
Looks good for sure.


Thanks! I’m hoping for some nice potent buds. I was hoping they would fatten up a bit more, but they’re nearly as thick as my forearm so I can’t really complain. Not a big harvest at all, probably barely over an ounce if that, but I’m hoping for something that knocks my socks off. My last harvest was 2.6 oz, which isn’t bad for a first grow, and the smoke is good but it doesn’t wax your ass like I was hoping. This is from some better genetics (Assuming, it’s dispensary grown genetics) so the smoke and flavor should be better. I’ve greatly messed up her pH by watering w/o nutes once which caused some pretty serious lockout, with heavy nitrogen toxicity and a cola getting a bunch of rust spots on the leaves. Probably could have gotten some better looking buds and smoke if I didn’t fudge that but she still looks like a champ

I hear ya there. I picked my 1st batch a little early too. It looked done. Lol
I wish I let it go another week or two.
Not making that mistake again. I have 2 plants flowering for 73 days now. I just ordered a jewlers loupe for like $12.
I’m still waiting on the amber bus. Lol

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Me too. A little too done is better than not done enough.