Short flowering heavy indicas

Looking for recommendations on strains with short flowering times that are heavy indicas or high THC content. To be grown in Michigan. Any help would be appreciated


Afghani. Can’t get any more Indica then that.


Autoflowering strains all have short flowering times. You can find them sorted by THC percentage here:

Some of the ILGM photoperiod strains have short flowering times. You can seem them sorted by that category here:

I’m thinking perhaps you might like:
Autoflower: Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush
Photoperiod: Super Skunk, Blackberry Kush or Critical Mass in photoperiod strains

You can read more about any of these strains at the seed store:

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the auto flowers are fantastic , 65 to 75 days ,done a little’ less harvest but more frequently .t h c bomb by bomb seeds was the strongest i have ever grew ,sweet critical was so tasty mid strength , amnesia haze super xx very nice taste right down the middle in strength to cbd …girl scout cookies auto flower very strong and couch lock to strong for the standard smoker i only smoked this at night you go to sleep guaranteed…i would look around a lot of the autos are very strong and easy to grow …! these are from some of the grows 009 138 099 095 014|640x480 016 ![funny lynette 026|666x500](upload://wCVfsQixB0erpZ7018 uWJW7UeCgMmm.jpeg)


What kind of lights are those cobs?

I have to disagree with this. You have no real control over the transition from vegetative growth to flower with scotoperiod-insensitive plants. We have numerous members here experiencing prolonged cycles with ILGM autoflower plants (or at least seeds sold as autoflower plants). We’re talking 10 weeks of veg.

There’s far more certainty with scotoperiod-sensitive plants. I’d wager a cloned fast flowering strain (Black Domina for example) could beat any of ILGM’s fast autos.

I’m not biased against autos, but I won’t perpetuate the idea that they’re inherently faster than photoperiod plants.


I do think a Afghan hash plant is the right plant for fast finish and couch lock natcho chip effect. Non auto. You want to be able to clone and SOG grow these for the absolute fastest crop in town!

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That, or Northern Lights Fem (also cloned) would be my leaning as well.

Growing from seed is also fine, but if you have the space and right to grow a mother plant and clones, that’s the route I’d take, @CountryChronic

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This plant broke ground January 01 and wont be ready to harvest until Nov. I guess its not a contender?

Actually, we were talking about flowering times. That said, different strains will exhibit different vegetative times but they are typically very predictable after one grow. Once you learn that strain A begins to preflower at x weeks, you simply plan for that. Of course, mistakes by the grower may alter the timeline. Flowering is also usually very predictable, as long as you keep in mind the mantra that has been repeated here a hundred times - What the breeder says is under perfect conditions and you can usually count on it taking 1-2 weeks longer. Some (few) are realistic about the times they claim. One very well known breeder will even tell you the entire lifecycle of the plant from seed to harvest and they tend to be dead on within ± 4 days.

You have a point, but my point stands. I would be very surprised if @CountryChronic only cares about the length of the flowering period, and not the whole cycle. And we have empirical evidence that some ILGM autos can take much longer than 3-4 weeks to veg.


I think you are both right! You want an early finishing strain that is photo and buds fast! Typically an Afghan hashplant fills all the check points. It flowers pretty fast and will pop out of veg pretty quick. Lots of guys grow them outdoors here because they finish early and thats mucho importante’ if you grow without cover around here. Indoors, the plants wont be as large, of course, but thats why SOG and cloning is employed. Im sure there are mant other plants that fit the bill but that would be my first pick for a couchy buzz thats a fast finisher.

Hi my friend,

I grow eleven roses from delicious seeds (about 8 weeks, very nice strain, mellow long stoned with very nice citric floral scents without being citrus dominant)

I also grow big buddha cheese (8 weeks, full indica, very recommended if you like ganja… its a cheese so not the fruity type american weed probably)

another recommendation I have to make is Money Maker from Strain Hunters/green house seeds. Maybe check the strains out.

But Eleven Roses is my main recommendation

(and of course OG Kush, always dope)