Short compact plant

This is from a seed from 4 years ago. Commercial seed. Planted it to experiment prior to the arrival of my gold leaf, etc. seeds. I love this plant. It is 7" tall and 14" wide. It is 4 weeks old. The space between the internodes is slight. It is already showing its sex. I have never seen this before and would love to hear good or bad. Thanks


She looks good, she’s healthy, and yea it’s a good thing

Indoor grow and she is a beauty. Just seems to be doing her own thing

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I have two that are low and wide as well I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

I just have never seen such a bushy plant and from what I have read, it is a good thing. It is Indica dominate. Should grow lots of buds. I have another one as well. The one is showing its sex and looks like a female. The other is not showing any signs from what I can see.

I think it comes down to a couple factors.
What lights are you using? Ventilation? RH? Temp?
I think it’s either stressing that caused it, or simply just pheno types and genetics.
I can also say from personal experience, if you use Shitty lights, growth takes FOREVER!
And, soil growth takes much longer than hydro growth.

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12x15 grow area
2-600 watt hps (18" above plants), 240 led lights for underlighting
room temp;. 75 degrees-humidity 52%
2 fans


Sounds like a great setup! Now the only thing I can think of for your compact plant is that she just has those traits in her genetic make up. Or she got the compact pheno type that isn’t typically seen with your strain.

One time I had bought 2 seeds of the same strain. I grew them out, and one was super tall and medium leaves, and the other grew to be super short with huge leaves! Both were the same strain, but both showed different pheno types. It’s actually really cool in my opinion!

I’d say you’re fine, you’re doing great! Your set up sounds great, and I don’t think you have any worries. I would look into doing some LST to open her canopy up. But either way, good luck! Keep us updated.

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And I’d love to see a pic! I like seeing what other people have set up and how they have it set up.

I thought she was unusual. I will keep the photos coming, 14th internoide so I am only doing LST. loves it.

I will send you a picture soon. Basically, I have them in the basement and it is always 75 degrees with lots of ventilation and air movement. I selected hps 600 watt times two and keep rotating the plants…Used several different soils to see what works best. My organic soil is stabilized and in 5 gallon pots with water wicks and mesh ready for the feminized seeds from this site. They are growing fast. I raise orchids so I used the probiotic 1/2 strength and the plants love it.

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Hi again…I tried to low stress train her and the stem is so thick at the second node from the top that she won’t bend at all. Not sure if I should bend at the first node from the top. Doesn’t do much I don’t think. She is getting a lot of side and overhead lighting. What do you think? Thanks again, Jayne

What’s up Jayne,
I really like how your name is spelled by the way, it’s very unique! But anyway, have you heard of super cropping? It’s essentially just squeezing your stems to break down the cellular walls, causing to break the inside, but not actually break the stem. I do this a lot, and it helps tremendously! I’ll take a pic real quick and show you

My Blueberry in flower. I’ve topped at least 10 times, and super cropped the top chutes.

I have to top a lot and super crop because I only have 6’6" to work with!
I also lollipopped her before she went into flower. But I’m not someone who cuts off tons of stems and leaves. As I get more comfortable with the lollipop technique I will begin to take more off.

How funny…I accidentally did this to the other indica dominate plant and at the site, it grew a big bulge. I will send you a picture. I was able to bend the one that we are speaking of and figured if it broke inside, it would do what the other one is doing. It did not break and I was able to use a strip of old stockings to ease it down. I am using plastic pots so I used a hole puncher and slipped the stocking through the hole and looped around the stem and then back through the hole. You are way ahead of me in my knowledge. You could really help me. I am using organic soil from the hydroponics store because my organic soil was still cooking. Anyway, it is common to have fungus gnats from what I have read. So I got right on it and used the yellow sticky sheets to see how bad the infestation was. Caught two on 8 sheets…not bad at all. My hair sticks to them more…lol. I still saw them in the top layer of soil so I used mosquito bits…nothing! Then I mixed 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts RO water, put it in a sprayer bottle and they all dropped dead immediately. Not kidding. The solution fizzed on the surface and I had the best feeling. Went to check on the plants this morning and my plants look fantastic. No other bug issues for me. My grow area is so neat and clean that I could eat off of the floor. No bugs anywhere. I am looking forward to gaining your level of expertise. I have a BS in botany so that is a start. I haven’t grown weed in over 20 years. All where outside growing in south Texas and I never had to worry about anything. Inside is a challenge. Love your Blueberry. I would love to know how you did that. I have plants to practice on and would do it with your guidance. Thank you so much, Jayne

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Haha that’s awesome Jayne! It’s so cool to hear how things just seem to work out sometimes. We all know they can go bad quickly, so it’s nice to hear that you handled your bug problem and have begun to practice pruning and growing techniques. And it’s a huge compliment to me that you’re asking for my knowledge! Just 8 months ago I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Thanks to this community, and Roberts online course, I learned all this wonderful knowledge and I LOVE to pass it on! I was helped, so it’s only right I do my part to help others.
So Jayne, any questions or problems, feel free to ask away my brother! I would love to help.


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I know right! I went ahead and did some lollipop on several plants. I am getting brave. I can’t remember if I told you that I topped three of my plants and they look nice. Thanks again and I will send you pictures soon. Also, I am on my way to the hydro store and buying Roots Organic Original soil to mix with my homemade organic soil. It has been cooking for 5 weeks and all levels are within range but I am scared that I will burn my which are almost 3 weeks old but the roots are coming out of the bottom. Wish me luck…I hate re-potting…they are in terra cotta pots which makes it worse. I usually start with orchid pots because I can see the root development and they always slide right out. I almost have to crack the terra cotta pots.

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Question…I tested my soil twice with the rapid test system (I have not planted my plants in the soil yet). The PH is 6.5 and the potash is sufficient which is great but the nitrogen and the phosphorus is in surplus. What should I do to lower these levels? Thanks, Jayne

Honestly I have no clue Jayne! I started out growing with soil but quickly turned to hydro after realizing soil wasn’t as easy to control as hydro is. But no worries, I know someone on here can help you!

What are the levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, and how old is the plant? I’m sure I can help you