Short but full... Ready for pruning?

This is my first grow. It’s an unknown strain and I have no idea how tall they will be. We are 47 days from planting seeds.

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I’d top or FIM at this point: to be clear I always try to FIM but half the time I end up topping haha.



No need to prune or defol, but like @Myfriendis410 said, she’s prime for topping/fimming


Thanks guys.

Train it rather then trimming it


I would highly suggest you lst thw plant rather thin topping or fmeing. You dont want to stunt the growth at such a small age.
Happy growing…

I would top it down to the 4th node and try to lst, I can only give so much advice I am on my first grow and went straight for the mainline, either way you have a good looking plant but I would give topping or FIMing a shot. Right now it’ll have no problem with air flow or light penetration

Good luck!

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