Short, bushy plants

I have 5 Purple Haze plants that are 8 weeks into veg that have been trained for manifolding. They are all very healthy with 8 colas on each. My issue is that they are growing very bushy but not tall. I’ve read that they need to be at least a foot tall to go into flower, as of now they are 8" tall.

Purple haze from ILGM seed
PH 6.5
1300 watt LED 30" away in a 4x4x7 grow tent
FF Happy Frog soil
FF trio nutes

That’s not a bad thing bushy plants just tells you your temperature is in control

12 inches is good - you have done a 60 day veg - you can go to 12/12 now if want to (strongly consider) because of your method of growth 12 inches “rule” really doesn’t apply

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