Shop Account Issue


Hey @bob31

When the site upgraded a few weeks back did accounts change?? I can’t seem to log in at the shop(seed) site and the system does not recognize any of my email addresses as having had an account (forgot my password function).


Hey @Screwauger I believe @Dumme mentioned something a few months ago that with the change in the site the shop and forum have different logins. I will see if I can find the post.


@Screwauger So what you do is go to the account login page and click create account using your email address from your order and it will auto import your old purchases


okay TY apologies!


not at all bro, all good. Create that account and see if it doesn’t import that last purchase @Screwauger


yes. all set now. not sure how I missed the need to do that. All good.


ok, no problem, As long as you are in thats all that matters! @Screwauger


OK. All I can do is request you re-validate your email.

The shop does not require a login. You just choose what you want and buy

Watch your email for a validation email



This is the email we have for you.

In order to allow you to revaidate your email, I have to deactivate you
until you do the process. Do you want me to do this?


Hi @latewood

Thank you but I am all set now. Account is reactivated. I appreciate your assistance. All is good now.