Shiva skunk grow experience please

I have recently purchased a 3 pack of Shiva Skunk seeds (NL#5 x Skunk #1) on the basis I have had luck with Skunk heavy strains and love their flavour, the otherside being NL is as hardy and potent as Skunk, specially for myself as I still haven’t got perfection in my own eyes yet.
So hopefully this cross will be magic for me, tough and resilient as well as yeilding and potent.

My plan is indoor in soil and another in coco with liquid guano and Seaweed feeds (Grow 10-10-2+TE and Bloom 1-9-2+TE and Seaweed 1-1-16+TE) and growing well hope to put a clone or two outside
My questions are,
Has anyone grow this strain indoors or outdoors and to what issues or successes?

How did you find the different geno and phenotypes when sprouting seeds?
Was there more NL bias or Skunk in any?

You’ll see. Each one of those will be unique.

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