Shipping won’t let me deliver to Australia

So I’m trying to order seeds from Queensland, Australia. When I have the seeds in my cart I go to shipping but there is no delivery to Australia option. When I go to my account and try and add the address that way but the same happens only United States options are available no Australian.

Find a different vendor? If there is no option most likely they aren’t legally allowed to get away with it.

The website definitely says they deliver to all us states and Australia. I’m also about to try and order some seeds to Queensland, let me know how you go

Go to the “contact us” page on the website this is the forum. Or call customer service at (415) 906-0434

any luck I’m trying to do the same?

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Any luck I’m trying to do the same?

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Hey guys. I’ve signed up as a member on the store and it doesn’t ask whether you need to be in which country. I have plugged in my address and when I take myself to the cart it just asks me if it’s sending to the last address used. Also in Australia here, and and have bought seeds twice successfully now. One via cash through post and one via bank transfer.

If not a member, try signing up to the store. It’s a seperate account and you should be good to go from then on :blush:

Good luck :call_me_hand:

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Hey guys looks like I stumbled upon you all having some issues with seed ordering I’m not familiar with it but I will get you someone who should @imSICKkid

This forum has nothing to do with seeds or orders. This is strictly for grow support. I would contact the seed shop to get it figured out.

Hello, Can’t make a new post so will jump in on this, I know someone who did an order through ILGM around the start of the year and received them but they were postmarked from AUS!!. They came internally so… Could ILGM pls explain this and explain exactly why they’ve stopped shipping here?, is it stock damage in transit, intercepts, CV19, what is it, and why! - given this parcel when delivered to him was marked as domestic mail!!!.

I tried to order today.

This is what is saying on their contact us page