Shipping of I love marijuana's site

This is the only Seed company (breeder/distributor) that has FREE shipping - shipping cost generally run $25.00 for world wide delivery + guarantee . “I Love Marijuana” !!! I know a lot of seeds banks,ect Never, Never NO Free shipping, can I go as far saying “only company in the world that offer’s this” No shipping cost = more seeds one can purchase


got my seeds so fast thank you

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Yes free shipping is what got my attention, and variety of seed quantity. Can get 4 varieties in 3 pack from here for Less than 1 10 pack elsewhere! I’ve had a delivery arrive within 2 weeks of payment, my 2nd didn’t arrive but Ilgm got more to me within 2 weeks, and my 3rd order seems to not have made it to me but I’m sure Ilgm will again get more out to me! Is a bit concerning customs have found 2 of 4 shipments though…

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