Shipment to Canada of your seeds?

Does Ilovegrowingmaraijana have any plans to sell seeds in Canada? We would love to have access to your seeds.


They had posted something a little while back about working on that. Not sure if Covid threw a wrench in the plans or not.

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They have been working on this for about 2 years now to become a licensed producer of seeds.
As of last contact with @latewood still working on it.

I am also from Canada, what province are you in?

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Me to, Ontario :smiley: :+1: :canada::maple_leaf:

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Bc born living in Berta here. Can’t wait to move back when I have you know a couple million to afford a shack.

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Yeah house prices are through the roof, it’s just unreal

Hopefully a bunch of stupid people who live in debt foreclosure on their mortgages over the next few months thanks to covid and our housing market collapses because in the long run its way over due this country’s in so much debt.

Normal people can’t afford houses

One shouldn’t be allowed to own more than 3 types of property in this day and age.
Primary residence, income property, vacation property.
Everything else commercial should be differnt but I’m sick and tired of slum lords or people that just make their living off residential retail.

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