Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending

Ordered about 10 days ago. Got the email about shipping confirmation on the 4th with tracking number.
Seems my package is stuck at the San Diego post office awaiting acceptance. Why so long? A few weeks ago this didn’t happen.

Glitch in the Matrix?

Me too also waiting for acceptance from usps :pensive: My confirmation was also the fourth.

My last shipment took forever but from a different company so apple and orange

Some packages get intercepted: happened to me years ago. Be patient and likely you’ll receive it soon.

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I did once but it was from Amsterdam and had to go through customs. All ILGM seeds in USA I have ever recieved ship stateside USPS. To the OP Patience is the key as covid has the mail slowed down to a crawl.

So mine updated they are 118 miles away :face_with_monocle: