Shift my girl's schedule to accomodate new job hours?

Hi everyone : )

I appreciate you for checking out this post.

And tanks so much for this awesome forum!! Newbie just starting out.

Transitioning into flower. At 13 light (starting at 8pm) 11 dark right (starting at 9am) right now.

But because of all this virus mess, now I have a brand new over night job.

If possible, I’d like to shift the schedule to 11am (lights on) 11pm (lights off)

I’d love some advice!!

Should I extent the dark?
Should I do it gradually?
say 2 to 4 hours at a time?
Or all at once?
Will it hurt the girls?
what are the risks and downsides?
Should find someone else to care for the girls and keep the schedule (not preferred, lol)

What do you think is best?

Brand new at this : )

Thanks so much for your help

Have a beautiful day!


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@Natasha I have done this a few times for similar reasons. Lately I have left them as lights on overnight (heat/energy cost reasons) and just done a quick peek in the dark tent, a flash photo really quick or two doesn’t seem to hurt my girls. Then I can put the photo up on the big monitor to review my grow. I’ve heard of some people using cameras to monitor but I would worry about if it had infrared for night vision always active it will disrupt the normal flower cycle.

When I have switched them to another schedule I go dark 2 hours early and light 12 hours out from there till I get on schedule.


@ItsPat Thanks so much for the advice!!

I’ve been doing super cropping. Any chance that would change anything as far as the girls being more sensitive to a time shift?


@Natasha I doubt the super cropping would be effected more by the time shift.

When you change the time it is best to go for an extended dark period to make up the time difference than an extended day period.

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I agree with the @FrostyBuds , I say go for it you should be fine.

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I would have to concur with the 2 above :v: