She's turning white

Not sure where’s she is at or what to do next


Its frosting up! Looks good…has a quote a bit of time left. Look for the pistols to change color first, looks as though some are… then get some magnification and do a trichome check and see what color they are. Cloudy? Clear? Amber?


There at least 80% cloudy.

How old are the plants. Looking at the picture it looks like you may have 3-4 weeks before harvest.


There 96 days.How long do autos usually take to harvest

Looking good. I agree with the community still got several weeks to go.

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She ought to really bulk up in the next couple of weeks.


My first autos took 120-days.

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How are you gauging that?

When they first break ground

How are you gauging the 80% cloudy maybe what copper meant…that’s pretty hard to believe that she’s got no clear trichs left hardly. Do you got a loupe? She looks good for sure but a ways to go like everyone else is saying. My last auto was around 110 days as well just short of 4 months I remember… they look great :+1:

60x loupe

Rechecked trichs not as cloudy as I thought.Also realized I looked at the wrong journal.There 9wks old

Forget about how long theyve been above ground, thats good for future growing reference but you want to know days since flip and days since beginning of flower. The rosettes at beginning of flower is generally day 1 ish. Many seed sellers say 90 days to flower they arent including the veg time or flip unless they say so in the advertising. Good looking weed keep going and keep checking those trichomes! Remember if you are feeding flowering nutes to stop at least a week before harvest

Thank you for the information,it filled in a few blanks for me

Cool… congrats, looking good.

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