She's Hungry for Potassium?

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Willing to bet you’re correct with out whole plant pictures, nutrient schedule, and run off numbers. @FlxerPower

Measure, measure, water, measure, flush, feed, measure,…

I’m beginning to think DWC might be easier than soil. At least I can tweak levels without worrying about root rot. I had pH at 6.7 and PPM at 900 just a couple of days ago, and I shudder at the thought of watering to runoff again. Might cause bigger problems than just syringing a weak Tiger Bloom solution at the root ball because it’s heavy on potassium.

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Maybe I missed it but what medium are you growing in?

Happy Frog

What size pot, what stage is she at and how long has she been there?

• What strain, GSC bag seed
• Method: Soil FFHF
• Vessels: 5-gal pickle bucket
• PH of Water, 6.7
• PPM: 900
• Indoor
• Light system: HLG 288V2 Rspec
• Temps; Day 79, Night: 68
• Humidity; Day 55, Night 55
• Ventilation system; Yes, 8" AC Infinity w/ carbon filter out, 6" AC Infinity in
AC, Humidifier
• Co2; No

5-gal bucket, transplanted at 4-weeks, and 18 days since the flip to 12/12

Did you flip right after you transplanted her?

Oh no. The plant has been in this home for 5 - 7 weeks now.

I have heard from several people that FFHF doesn’t have nutrients to go all the way to the end of flower. Speaking from experience, I have been using FFOF for the past year and have supplemented towards the end with GH Products with great success.

Yeah, I just started adding them 1 week after the flip, but the whole managing nutes thing is new to me.

I’m going to play it as potassium and see what happens. I just watered a few days ago, so I made a solution of Tiger Bloom (it’s heavy on potassium) half strength and used a syringe with a 10 inch needle to inject 200 ml of it in the root ball. I’ll see what happens in a few days. The problem really just started, so I may not be adding enough nutes.

The idea of being in flowering and having potassium low sucks.

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I have never injected the root balls directly, can’t you add it to a gallon of water?

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I could have, but I’m being picky (probably too picky) about overwatering. I try to let it dry out almost completely before I give it a drink again.

I’ll probably have to go heavier on the Tiger Bloom on the next watering. She’s probably using a lot of potassium building those flowers.

Can you load a pic of the plant in the container? Is it a 5 gallon plastic bucket? I have used the fabric pots and it is really hard to over-water in my opinion.

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I’ve got 10 3/4" holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. My younger plants will go in fabric pots.

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That helps a ton! They look pretty good, I know you will find it much easier with the fabric pots. I usually don’t let mine get quite as dry as you stated earlier. I use a 3 gallon pump sprayer and never really let them dry too much. Next time you give them a thorough watering, pick the pot up and feel the total weight, you’ll get the feel. I know everyone says they’re weeds and can survive quite a bit, as they can, but I just never let mine droop too much before I water. See if you can locate a feeding schedule for the Tigerbloom online for this stage of your flowering cycle. I’m not familiar with your light but how far is it from the top of the plants?

One HLG 288 Rspec 18 inches from the tips.

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I don’t think I would inject the root-ball directly. If it was my girl, I would water with plain water first to get the “ball” uniformly moist first. The following day, I would mix 1 gallon of your supplemental nutrient water and add about a quart to the plant.


Thats good height. Do you think she might be rootbound?