Shes getting pistils!

Thank you! Im so excited, its been slow but fun to watch the process, learning a lot and appreciate all the help and hospitality from the fourm. :blush:

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Some girls develope early, I have noticed.
Also, Males can be fast growers.

How does this look for now?

That’s a full bend for an auto, but I like it.

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Is that pushing it a little too hard? Thanks! I was a little nervous for the first time, didnt wanna snap anything. But she seems fine! Pumped the lights way up so its at about 550-600 PPFD too. Cant wait to see how she reacts. :blush:

I wouldn’t say too much. Each plant is different. I’ve read a couple skilled auto growers say they won’t bend more than 45° anymore.

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I love this plant! Lol so freaking neat. After 5 hours of LST and shes already moved around.