Sherbet, Gelato, or Zkittlez next?

The plants i have now are about a couple months away from being done so i wanted to start germinating the next batch. Currently i have 5 plants going, 3 different strains, growing at their own rates. For the next grow should i stick to 1 strain and which one have y’all had the best experience with?

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I always liked a little variety when it wasn’t a hassle. As long as you are able to deal with potential differences, I would say no reason to grow just one strain. If you feel like it’s a hassle, one is fine too.

If you haven’t tried Jack Herer or Durban Poison, i like them both.


When managing different canopy heights, low stress training, and super cropping are both vital to keeping the canopies the close. Putting plants on buckets is another way of elevating shorter plants.
There’s a lot of different ways of getting the end results you want and still getting the variety you want.