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It is draped in plastic with many little vents it’s a flat piece I draped over and clip together. I open it up and let it air out every day for a bit then bundle it back up. I sort of made a drying tent in the closet. The other one is in a tent. I like to get 8 days on my dry so the nice slow drying allows the chlorophyl time to convert to sugar and improves the flavour and reduces coughing. I make edibles to do that help heaps with flavour.
No harm in asking questions lol
Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, lol I have a valid excuse I was making this for the first time


Awsome, would you mind posting your process of making that ? Thanks :blush: :pray:

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I will I just saw this I’ve been out riding the ATVS we took today off
2am and I’m beat
I will post it in the next couple days. As I’m also in mid harvest lol
I promise


Interesting first time I’ve seen this shown on here.
Cheers @peachfuzz


First time I’ve ever tried to figure it out. now to perfect it! I do hate to waste anything.

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Ok just so it’s said you must take GREAT CARE when doing this!!
Do it outside away from the house!
first I take my trimmings that it I used no buds!
I smoke buds
I turn my small larfy buds into butter for edibles. So this was just an experiment to see what I would get from the scrap.
I use an electric hot plate a big not too tall pot that is larger than the burner I will be using. Boiling water with a stainless steel bowl on top to cook it down
I used two gallons isopropyl alcohol 99+%
A 2 gallon glass juice dispenser and stainless pot scrubby goes inside per the tap hole to prevent clogging and through a stainless screen coffee filter and a second glass jar to pre filter

I did the actual pouring outside at the patio table so you are not breathing in fumes which are also noxious and flammable so be aware !!!
I take my trim and freeze it then fill the jar. Slowly pour over frozen weed. Let flow out tsp into coffee filter into second jar.
Then filter again with paper filters
Then slowly gradually add a little at a time evaporate the alcohol away on the double boiler make sure the water does Not Go Dry when Alcohol is all gone you get honey oil

Oops the green goo goes before the golden goo lol


Thank you, im gonna have to keep reading this over, to get it to sink in :laughing:

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So u put all your frozen scraps in that jug on the table, ? And you lose your alcohol to evaporation right ?

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Yes in a nutshell lol

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So a little update 3 train wreck in jars,
2 double chocolate in drying tent
2 white Widow in drying closet
2 black Mexican xGDP to go!


All looking amazing @SheilaT
Those close up shots look pretty frosty.
Are the nugs in the jars cured
Can you just dip your hand in and pull out a nice flower to consume and get high
Great job

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I am smoking some as we speak my friend I have one more 14 day of trimming with my husband and my wonderful neighbour, she helps us we help them!
Then I get a couple of weeks off before my next one is ready

Here is a before and after shot of the crown from the Black Mexican xGDP we cut down today


Wow cut down and stripped of it’s leaves.
Good job.
Sticky? @SheilaT
If I was over your way I’d give you a hand for sure.
Lovely crown buds

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I appreciate that @Blackmoon and very sticky yes indeed this was a first for me

When we were trimming I kept finding little glistening pools of sweet goo seeping out of the buds never had that before dont know if it’s good or bad.

The double chocolate was the sticker of the bunch but no goo lol


Guttation and Transpiration

The truth is it all comes down to the process of guttation, wherein sap exudates from the cannabis leaf axils. This is not to be confused with morning dew however, which is H2O condensed from the atmosphere onto the plants’ surface. It is also not sap-like or varying in colour like the substance created through guttation.

Morning dew is not caused by guttation but rather accumulation of water from the atmosphere. Photo Credit: Mastering Horticulture

All plants require water however it is not commonly known that only a small amount of water that is taken up by the roots of a plant is used for growth and metabolism. In fact, about 97 – 99.5% of water intake is lost through the processes of transpiration and guttation.

Transpiration is the process of water movement through the plant and its subsequent evaporation through the leaves, stems and flowers. This takes place during the day and usually does not take place at night. The reason for this is because at night, the stomata of the plant (which are pores in the epidermis of plant leaves, stems and other parts that facilitates gas and water evaporation) close.

Transpiration through the stomata. Photo Credit: Freepix

With these chambers closed at night, the process of guttation takes over. If the soil the cannabis plant resides in is high in moisture content over night, this water will enter through the plant roots which then cause pressure in the roots. This pressure then forces some of the water to exude through the leaf axil, leaf tips, edge structures and hydathodes (modified pores) in the form of sticky drops. So, rather than water evaporation, a sap will form.

Sap bubbles caused by guttation process. Photo Credit: Reddit

This sap can vary in colour from clear, to tan to a dark red. It contains organic and inorganic compounds such as sugars, potassium and mineral nutrients. It is completely harmless and has a sweet aroma and taste to it.

If sap is accumulating on outdoor cannabis plants, be mindful that this sweet sap is a tasty treat to unwanted visitors such as insects and pests.

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I’m terrified… :rofl:



You’re good Kap. Informative articles are always welcomed.


I was scared there for a while… :rofl: